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Reminder: for more reliability, a configurator is provided: Projector Lamps.
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CS.5J0DJ.001PN: CS.5J0DJ.001Manufacturer: BenQAdd to Basket341.39€TTC
BenQ - Lampe de projecteur - pour BenQ SP820 (Spare Lamp for SP820)
SP-LAMP-043PN: SP-LAMP-043Manufacturer: InfocusAdd to Basket490.70€TTC
InFocus - Lampe de projecteur - 2500 heure(s) - pour Proxima M20, M22, InFocus IN1100, IN1102, IN1110, IN1110A, IN1112, IN1112A (Replacement lamp for IN1100/IN1102)
V13H010L36PN: V13H010L36Manufacturer: EpsonAdd to Basket317.20€TTC
Epson - Lampe de projecteur - pour Epson EMP-S4, PowerLite S4 (Replacement lamp f EMP-S4)
R9829715PN: R9829715Manufacturer: BarcoAdd to Basket365.11€TTC
Barco - Lampe de projecteur - halogène - 1800 Watt - pour BarcoGraphics 9300, BarcoReality 9200, 9300 (Lamp Mod f Barco bg9300/br9200)
DT00841PN: DT00841Manufacturer: HitachiAdd to Basket209.05€TTC
Hitachi - Lampe de projecteur - pour Hitachi ED-X30, ED-X32, CP-X205, X300, X301, X305, X308, X400, X417 (Lamp Mod f Hitachi cpx300/cp-x400)


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