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Reminder: for more reliability, a configurator is provided: Projector Lamps.
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V13H010L46PN: V13H010L46Manufacturer: EpsonAdd to Basket858.46€TTC
Epson - Lampe de projecteur - pour Epson EB-G5200WNL, EB-G5350NL (Light L46 EB-G5200W/5300/5350)
ET-LAD10000PN: ET-LAD10000Manufacturer: PanasonicAdd to Basket497.00€TTC
Panasonic ET-LAD10000 - Lampe de projecteur - pour PT-D10000E, D10000U, DW10000E (lamp for Panasonic PT-D10000)
SP-LAMP-069PN: SP-LAMP-069Manufacturer: InfocusAdd to Basket233.71€TTC
InFocus - Lampe de projecteur - pour InFocus IN112, IN114, IN114ST, IN116 (Lamp f Infocus IN112/IN114/IN116 UHP)
V13H010L65PN: V13H010L65Manufacturer: EpsonAdd to Basket108.67€TTC
Epson - Lampe de projecteur - UHE - 230 Watt - 4000 heure(s) (mode standard)/ 4000 heure(s) (mode économique) - pour Epson EB-1750, 1751, 1760, 1761, 1770, 1771, 1775, 1776, PowerLite 1750, 1760, 1770, 1775 (Lamp Module f EB-1750)
5J.J3K05.001PN: 5J.J3K05.001Manufacturer: BenQAdd to Basket175.99€TTC
BenQ - Lampe de projecteur - 210 Watt - 4000 heure(s) (mode standard)/ 5000 heure(s) (mode économique) - pour BenQ MW811 ST (Lamp Module f Benq MW811ST)


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