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Xerox's Drums (22 items)
008R12941PN: 008R12941Add to Basket57.14€TTC
Xerox - agrafes (Staple Refills All Finishers 3x5000 pcs)
013R00636PN: 013R00636Add to Basket193.44€TTC
Drum Cartridge for Xerox WorkCentre 3119, 7152, 7232, 7242.
016-1933-00PN: 016-1933-00Add to Basket132.85€TTC
Maintenance Kit (Pages 10000)
101R00421PN: 101R00421Add to Basket323.35€TTC
Xerox - Courroie de transfert de l'imprimante - pour Phaser 7400, 7400DN, 7400DNM, 7400DNZ, 7400DT, 7400DX, 7400DXF, 7400N (Transfer Belt/80000pages f Phaser 7400)
108R00493PN: 108R00493Add to Basket103.49€TTC
Xerox - 3 - cartouche d'agrafes - pour AltaLink B8045/B8055, B8075, B8090, WorkCentre 23X, 5865/5875/5890, 58XX, 5945/5955, 59XX (Staples for 50 sheet stapler 3x5000 pcs)
108R00575PN: 108R00575Add to Basket38.57€TTC
Xerox - Collecteur de toner usagé - pour Phaser 7750, 7760 (Waste Toner Cart/27000sh f Phaser 7750)
108R00579PN: 108R00579Add to Basket170.16€TTC
Xerox - Rouleau de transfert d'imprimante - pour Phaser 7750, 7760 (Transfer Roller/100000sh f Phaser 7750)
108R00580PN: 108R00580Add to Basket131.76€TTC
Xerox - Nettoyeur de courroie - pour Phaser 7750, 7760 (Belt Cleaner/100000sh f Phaser7750)
108R00645PN: 108R00645Add to Basket261.06€TTC
Xerox - Unité de mise en image de l'imprimante - pour Phaser 6300DN, 6300DP, 6300N, 6350DP, 6350DT, 6350DX (Imaging Unit/35000pgs f Phaser 6300/6350)
108R00646PN: 108R00646Add to Basket82.90€TTC
Xerox - Rouleau de transfert d'imprimante - pour Phaser 6300DN, 6300DP, 6300N, 6350DP, 6350DT, 6350DX (Transfer Unit/35000sh f Phaser 6300/6350)
108R00649PN: 108R00649Add to Basket287.65€TTC
Xerox - Jaune - unité de mise en image de l'imprimante - pour Phaser 7400 (Imaging unit/yellow 30000sh f Phaser7400)
108R00675PN: 108R00675Add to Basket146.11€TTC
Maintenance kit Standard Cap (Pages 10.000)
108R00676PN: 108R00676Add to Basket165.19€TTC
Xerox extended-capacity - kit d`entretien - 30000 pages (Maintenance Kit/30000pg f 8550/8560/MFP)
108R00691PN: 108R00691Add to Basket225.92€TTC
Xerox - unite d`image couleur pour imprimante - 20000 pages (Image Drum PH6120)
108R00713PN: 108R00713Add to Basket247.86€TTC
Xerox - Unité de mise en image de l'imprimante - pour Phaser 7760DN, 7760DNM, 7760DX, 7760DXM, 7760GX, 7760GXM, 7760N, 7760NM (Imaging Drum PH7760)
109R00732PN: 109R00732Add to Basket521.52€TTC
Xerox - kit d`entretien (220 v) - 300000 pages (Maintenance Kit/220V f Phaser 5500/5550)
113R00671PN: 113R00671Add to Basket112.45€TTC
Xerox - Kit tambour - pour Copycentre C20, FaxCentre 2218, WorkCentre 4118p, 4118x, M20, M20i (Print Drum/20000sh f WorkCentre M20)
113R00736PN: 113R00736Add to Basket91.80€TTC
Xerox - À rendement étendu - kit d'entretien - pour Phaser 8860DN, 8860MFP/D, 8860MFP/E (Maintenance Kit f 8860/8860MFP)
113R00755PN: 113R00755Add to Basket401.40€TTC
Xerox - Kit tambour - pour WorkCentre 4250, 4250/YSM, 4250S, 4250U, 4250X, 4250XF, 4260/YSM, 4260S, 4260X, 4260XF (Drum Cartridge 80000p f WC 4260)
115R00026PN: 115R00026Add to Basket227.22€TTC
Xerox - (220 V) - kit unité de fusion - pour Phaser 7750B, 7750DN, 7750DX, 7750DXF, 7750GX (Fuser/220V f Phaser 7750)
115R00035PN: 115R00035Add to Basket277.46€TTC
Fuser 110V
115R00056PN: 115R00056Add to Basket160.09€TTC
Xerox - (220 V) - kit unité de fusion - pour Phaser 6360DA, 6360DB, 6360DN, 6360DT, 6360DX, 6360N (Fuser/220V f Phaser 6360)


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