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Delivery countries list and their amount:
Albania19.00€ HT
Algeria19.00€ HT
Andorra8.40€ HT
Argentina27.00€ HT
Armenia24.00€ HT
Australia27.00€ HT
Austria18.00€ TTC /15.00€ HT
Belgium13.56€ TTC /11.30€ HT
Benin24.00€ HT
Bosnia and Herzegovina19.00€ HT
Brazil27.00€ HT
Brunei27.00€ HT
Bulgaria22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Burkina Faso24.00€ HT
Cambodia27.00€ HT
Cameroon24.00€ HT
Canada24.00€ HT
Central African Republic24.00€ HT
China27.00€ HT
Comoros24.00€ HT
Congo (Brazzaville)24.00€ HT
Congo (RDC)24.00€ HT
Croatia19.00€ HT
Cyprus28.80€ TTC /24.00€ HT
Czech Republic22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Denmark18.00€ TTC /15.00€ HT
Djibouti28.80€ TTC /24.00€ HT
Egypt24.00€ HT
El Salvador27.00€ HT
Estonia22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Finland22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
France10.08€ TTC /8.40€ HT
French Guyana13.00€ HT
French Polynesia19.00€ HT
Germany13.56€ TTC /11.30€ HT
Greece22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Guadeloupe13.00€ HT
Guinea24.00€ HT
Hong Kong27.00€ HT
Hungary22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
India27.00€ HT
Ireland18.00€ TTC /15.00€ HT
Israel24.00€ HT
Italy16.80€ TTC /14.00€ HT
Ivory Coast24.00€ HT
Japan27.00€ HT
Kazakhstan22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Latvia22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Lithuania22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Luxembourg13.56€ TTC /11.30€ HT
Madagascar24.00€ HT
Malaysia32.40€ TTC /27.00€ HT
Mali24.00€ HT
Malta22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Martinique13.00€ HT
Mauritius24.00€ HT
Mayotte13.00€ HT
Mexico27.00€ HT
Montenegro19.00€ HT
Morocco19.00€ HT
New Caledonia19.00€ HT
New Zealand27.00€ HT
Niger24.00€ HT
Nigeria24.00€ HT
Norway19.00€ HT
Ouganda24.00€ HT
Poland22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Portugal18.00€ TTC /15.00€ HT
Qatar24.00€ HT
Reunion13.00€ HT
Romania22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Russia27.00€ HT
Saudi Arabia24.00€ HT
Senegal24.00€ HT
Serbia19.00€ HT
Singapore27.00€ HT
Slovakia22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Slovenia22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
South Africa24.00€ HT
South Korea27.00€ HT
Spain16.80€ TTC /14.00€ HT
St.-Pierre and Miquelon13.00€ HT
Sweden22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Switzerland19.00€ HT
Tanzania24.00€ HT
Thailand27.00€ HT
The Netherlands13.56€ TTC /11.30€ HT
Togo24.00€ HT
Tunisia19.00€ HT
Turkey24.00€ HT
Ukraine19.00€ HT
United Arab Emirates24.00€ HT
United Kingdom14.00€ HT
United States (USA)24.00€ HT
Vietnam27.00€ HT
Wallis and Futuna19.00€ HT
Items of the month
HP CN643A CN643A Print Head for
HP Photosmart
Acer 19.A46V1.003 19.A46V1.003 Inverters for
Acer Aspire laptops
SanDisk Extreme Pro SDCZ80-032G-X46 Cruzer Extreme
32GB USB 3.0
LCD GH97-13630E GH97-13630E LCD Touchscreen
for Samsung i9300
Sony RM-ED011 148077811 RM-ED011 Remote Controller
IBM/Lenovo 92P1102 IBM/Lenovo Battery
for ThinkPad
Brands of the month
Canon Epson Microlab PCTV Systems Trust July 2020 top