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Delivery countries list and their amount:
Albania19.00€ HT
Algeria19.00€ HT
Andorra8.40€ HT
Argentina27.00€ HT
Armenia24.00€ HT
Australia27.00€ HT
Austria18.00€ TTC /15.00€ HT
Belgium13.56€ TTC /11.30€ HT
Benin24.00€ HT
Bosnia and Herzegovina19.00€ HT
Brazil27.00€ HT
Brunei27.00€ HT
Bulgaria22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Burkina Faso24.00€ HT
Cambodia27.00€ HT
Cameroon24.00€ HT
Canada24.00€ HT
Central African Republic24.00€ HT
China27.00€ HT
Comoros24.00€ HT
Congo (Brazzaville)24.00€ HT
Congo (RDC)24.00€ HT
Croatia19.00€ HT
Cyprus28.80€ TTC /24.00€ HT
Czech Republic22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Denmark18.00€ TTC /15.00€ HT
Djibouti28.80€ TTC /24.00€ HT
Egypt24.00€ HT
El Salvador27.00€ HT
Estonia22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Finland22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
France10.08€ TTC /8.40€ HT
French Guyana13.00€ HT
French Polynesia19.00€ HT
Germany13.56€ TTC /11.30€ HT
Greece22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Guadeloupe13.00€ HT
Guinea24.00€ HT
Hong Kong27.00€ HT
Hungary22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
India27.00€ HT
Ireland18.00€ TTC /15.00€ HT
Israel24.00€ HT
Italy16.80€ TTC /14.00€ HT
Ivory Coast24.00€ HT
Japan27.00€ HT
Kazakhstan22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Latvia22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Lithuania22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Luxembourg13.56€ TTC /11.30€ HT
Madagascar24.00€ HT
Malaysia32.40€ TTC /27.00€ HT
Mali24.00€ HT
Malta22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Martinique13.00€ HT
Mauritius24.00€ HT
Mayotte13.00€ HT
Mexico27.00€ HT
Montenegro19.00€ HT
Morocco19.00€ HT
New Caledonia19.00€ HT
New Zealand27.00€ HT
Niger24.00€ HT
Nigeria24.00€ HT
Norway19.00€ HT
Ouganda24.00€ HT
Poland22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Portugal18.00€ TTC /15.00€ HT
Qatar24.00€ HT
Reunion13.00€ HT
Romania22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Russia27.00€ HT
Saudi Arabia24.00€ HT
Senegal24.00€ HT
Serbia19.00€ HT
Singapore27.00€ HT
Slovakia22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Slovenia22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
South Africa24.00€ HT
South Korea27.00€ HT
Spain16.80€ TTC /14.00€ HT
St.-Pierre and Miquelon13.00€ HT
Sweden22.80€ TTC /19.00€ HT
Switzerland19.00€ HT
Tanzania24.00€ HT
Thailand27.00€ HT
The Netherlands13.56€ TTC /11.30€ HT
Togo24.00€ HT
Tunisia19.00€ HT
Turkey24.00€ HT
Ukraine19.00€ HT
United Arab Emirates24.00€ HT
United Kingdom14.00€ HT
United States (USA)24.00€ HT
Vietnam27.00€ HT
Wallis and Futuna19.00€ HT
Items of the month
HP CN643A CN643A Print Head for
HP Photosmart
Acer 19.AYP01.002 19.AYP01.002 Inverters for
Acer Aspire laptops
SanDisk Extreme Pro SDCZ80-032G-X46 Cruzer Extreme
32GB USB 3.0
LCD GH97-13630E GH97-13630E LCD Touchscreen
for Samsung i9300
Epson 1280799 1280799 1280799 Remote Controller
NEC 6974840100 6974840100 NEC PSU for
NEC PowerMate
Brands of the month
Canon Epson Microlab PCTV Systems Trust December 2018 top