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07G031002000PN: 07G031002000Manufacturer: ASUSAdd to Basket179.84€TTC
1018P Battery (Black)
07G031002001PN: 07G031002001Manufacturer: ASUSAdd to Basket166.24€TTC
1018P Battery (White)
70-OA282B1000PN: 70-OA282B1000Manufacturer: ASUSAdd to Basket166.24€TTC
Battery 4 Cell 6000mAh
MBI2327PN: MBI2327Manufacturer: mBatteryAdd to Basket89.77€TTC
4 Cell Li-Ion 7.4V 5.1Ah 38wh (Laptop Battery for Asus)
MBC1209BPN: MBC1209BManufacturer: mBatteryAdd to Basket35.53€TTC
DC Adapter 19V 2.1A Black (Dc tip(2.5*0.7))
MBC1209WPN: MBC1209WManufacturer: mBatteryAdd to Basket41.40€TTC
DC Adapter 19V 2.1A White (Dc tip(2.5*0.7))
04G26B001030PN: 04G26B001030Manufacturer: ASUSAdd to Basket43.32€TTC
Power Adapter 40W 19V (White)
MBA1299PN: MBA1299Manufacturer: mBatteryAdd to Basket42.60€TTC
19V 2.1A 40W Plug: 2.5*0.7 (AC adapter for Asus)
MBA1299WPN: MBA1299WManufacturer: mBatteryAdd to Basket47.52€TTC
ACadapter 19V 2.1A 40W White (incl. power cord)
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