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MBI1975PN: MBI1975Manufacturer: mBatteryAdd to Basket90.72€TTC
6 Cell Li-Ion 11.1V 5.2Ah 58wh (Laptop Battery for Fujitsu)
USBAA2PN: USBAA2Manufacturer: mConnectAdd to Basket15.49€TTC
USB2.0 A-A 1,8M M-M
UTP502PN: UTP502Manufacturer: mConnectAdd to Basket16.03€TTC
U/UTP CAT5e 2M Grey PVC (Unshielded Network Cable)
MBC1042PN: MBC1042Manufacturer: mBatteryAdd to Basket94.37€TTC
19V 4.74A 90W (DC Adapter for ASUS)
MBE51973PN: MBE51973Manufacturer: mBatteryAdd to Basket161.65€TTC
Ext. battery 5V,9-12V, 16-19V (73Whr 6800 mAh)
MONGG2BPN: MONGG2BManufacturer: mConnectAdd to Basket23.89€TTC
SVGA HD15 2m M-M Black (DoubleShielded 1900x1200)
IVF:6032B0025201PN: IVF:6032B0025201Manufacturer: FujitsuAdd to Basket58.44€TTC
AC-Adaptor 2-Pin 90W 20V
K38074EUPN: K38074EUManufacturer: KensingtonAdd to Basket86.09€TTC
Wall Laptop Power Adapter (Universal - 100W)
MBA1007PN: MBA1007Manufacturer: mBatteryAdd to Basket59.88€TTC
Laptop AC Adapter , 90W, 18-20v
KAC-MEMF/2GPN: KAC-MEMF/2GManufacturer: KingstonAdd to Basket42.74€TTC
Kingston - DDR2 - 2 Go - SO DIMM 200 broches - 667 MHz / PC2-5300 - mémoire sans tampon - non ECC - pour Acer Aspire 55XX, 56XX, 94XX, 95XX, 98XX, Ferrari 10XX, 50XX, TravelMate 30XX, 64XX, C215 (MEM/2Go DDR2 667MHz SODIMM Acer Aspire)
KFJ-FPC218/1GPN: KFJ-FPC218/1GManufacturer: KingstonAdd to Basket28.42€TTC
Kingston - DDR2 - 1 Go - SO DIMM 200 broches - 667 MHz / PC2-5300 - mémoire sans tampon - non ECC - pour Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E8110, E8210, N3530, S7110 Supreme, S7110 Value (MEM/1Go 667MHz Fujitsu-Siemens)
KFJ-FPC218/2GPN: KFJ-FPC218/2GManufacturer: KingstonAdd to Basket42.89€TTC
Kingston - DDR2 - 2 Go - SO DIMM 200 broches - 667 MHz / PC2-5300 - mémoire sans tampon - non ECC - pour Fujitsu CELSIUS Mobile H240 (MEM/2Go 667MHz Fujitsu-Siemens)
MMG1271/2GPN: MMG1271/2GManufacturer: mMemoryAdd to Basket42.84€TTC
2GB DDR2 667MHZ (SO-DIMM Module)
MMG2132/1024PN: MMG2132/1024Manufacturer: mMemoryAdd to Basket28.67€TTC
1GB DDR2 667MHZ (SO-DIMM Module)
MMG2298/2048PN: MMG2298/2048Manufacturer: mMemoryAdd to Basket52.56€TTC
2GB DDR2 667MHZ (SO-DIMM Module)
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