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« General Sale Conditions » (for not France residents)
1- Presentation
Alphacom eStock
1255, Ch. Plâtrières
13090 Aix-en-Provence
Phone: +33 4 84 252 880
Fax: +33 4 84 252 881
2- Application
These conditions apply to sales and services.
All modifications of these conditions or quotes must be confirmed by ALPHACOM.
By proceeding with your order, you accept the conditions of this contract.
3- Quote Order
Follow the procedure online.
4- Terms of Price and Payment
The price of products, services, taxes, shipping costs, insurance and installation will be stated on the quote and reminded on the bill.
Various change rates, customs fees, insurance and shipment, may cause ALPHACOM to consequently adjust its prices.

Payment will be carried out to the order by a check drawn (cashing by usually 20 days), by wire transfers, « Western Union » transfers, credit cards. All the sales must be in Euros (€)

For public and government services, payments will be made by administrative transfers by 45 days.

ALPHACOM keeping the rights at anytime, to update/modify the prices on, by resubmitting the quote to the customer.

ALPHACOM keep the rights to pend or cancel an order in case that the warehouse or the manufacturer is unable to provide a realistic leading time.
5- Shipment
ALPHACOM will remain owner of the delivered products until the integral payment of the concerned invoice.
From order confimation, all displayed delivery delays are indicative and the shipement is under is own carrier.
ALPHACOM can not be held responsable for late deliveries or services by independant events beyond our will (strikes, terrorist acts, natural disastors, …).
Except by special request on your behalf that the deliveries will be made by the carrier of our choice. ALPHACOM can't be held responsable for carrier delays.
The customs formalities are dependant upon the carrier and made by the latter.
The customs taxes and fees are under customer responsability.
6- Delivery
If the warranty slip is missing, or if the package is damaged, it is imperative to express at the delivery time, the precise missing items or other damages.

You have the option to refuse the entire delivery.
7- Retractations and Disputes
For all cases of efund requests following a customer's retractation, Alphacom will retain the shipping fees, even in case of not delivered parcel.

If an amicable agreement can't be found to solve any dispute, in case of Alphacom's error, they will be treated by the Marseilles' Court (France) dealing with trade disputes, the TGI of Aix-en-Provence (France) or juridical instances in Aix-en-Provence (France).
8- Product Return
All requests should be formulated and justified by an e-mail or a fax to ALPHACOM which will confirm its acceptence by the attribution of a merchandise return number.
This document will be attached to the package containing the products which must be in a perfect resale state and in their original packaging, well packed and sealed. The buyer will be charged all of the relevent return fees, tests, and reconditionning.
The manufacturer warranty is provided on new products only.
The warranty excluding:
– All products modified or repaired by the customer or by any person not expressly recommended by ALPHACOM.
– Demonstration products or issues of exchange materials.

The manufacturer warranty for spare parts and supplies cover only for replacement if defective and within the period of this guarantee.
Alphacom can not be held responsible for damage or injury caused by the installation of spare parts and supplies made by a technician not expressly approved by the relevant manufacturer.

Alphacom and manufacturers Guarantee do not cover damages caused to any spare parts or supplies that we distribute.

The manufacturers offers list of centers and approved installers for the installation of spare parts and supplies. Only those certified technicians are entitled to provide a guarantee on the installation of these parts.
10- List of country deliveries, exportation

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