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2017-CATALOGUE-NLPN: 2017-CATALOGUE-NLAdd to Basket12.14€TTC
CS/Vision 2017 Catalogue Dutch
AV-1800PN: AV-1800Add to Basket312.71€TTC
VISION Professional Digital Audio Amplifier - 2 x 25w (RMS @ 8 Ohms) - RS-232 Bluetooth (renameable, set pin) - 3 x line-level inputs - Mic input (balanced with Phantom power) - rack mounting ears included - can drive two pairs of speakers - white (VISION
AV-1800 RCPN: AV-1800 RCAdd to Basket14.29€TTC
VISION Spare AV-1800 Remote Control - Battery CR2025 3V Li-Mn (not included) - shares IR codes with SP-1200P, SP-1400P, SP-1800P, SP-1800PBT, CS-1600P, CS-1800P, TC2-AMP3, TC2-AMP4, TC3-AMP, AV-1700 (VISION Remote for AV-1800)
AV-1800+CS-1800+CS-1800PN: AV-1800+CS-1800+CS-1800Add to Basket626.34€TTC
K/VISION Amp and 2xCeiling Speakers
AV-1800+CS-1900PN: AV-1800+CS-1900Add to Basket471.65€TTC
Kit amplificateur numérique professionnel AV-1800 2 x 25W (RMS) et paire de haut-parleurs de plafond CS-1900 6.5 po VISION - GARANTIE À VIE - blanc (K/VISION Amp and Ceiling Speakers)
AV-1800+SP-1800PN: AV-1800+SP-1800Add to Basket416.64€TTC
VISION Professional AV-1800 2 x 25w (RMS) Digital Amplifier and SP-1800 5.25" Pair Wall Speaker kit - white (K/VISION AV-1800+SP-1800 Audio Bundle)
AV-1800+SP-1800+SP-1800PN: AV-1800+SP-1800+SP-1800Add to Basket516.32€TTC
K/VISION AV-1800+2xSP-1800 Audio Bundle
CS-1800PPN: CS-1800PAdd to Basket211.40€TTC
VISION Professional Pair Active 6.5" Ceiling Speakers - 2 x 30w (RMS) - RS-232 - Bluetooth (renameable, set pin), minijack input - daisy-chain in/out - Remote control - tone control - cutout diameter: 198 mm (7.8"), outer diameter: 224 mm (8.8") - white (
CS-1900PN: CS-1900Add to Basket182.21€TTC
VISION Professional Pair 6.5" Ceiling Speakers - 60 Watt power handling - 2-way - magnetic grille - Kevlar woofer and 0.75" Titanium tweeter, cutout diameter: 210 mm (8.3"), depth: 87 mm (3.6"), outer diameter: 227 mm (9") - white (VISION CS-1900 Pair Cei
SB-1900PPN: SB-1900PAdd to Basket241.70€TTC
VISION Professional Active Soundbar - 2 x 90w (Peak) / 2 x 50w (RMS) - RS-232 - HDMI 2 in 1 out, Bluetooth (can be renamed and have pin set), minijack input - Remote control - Brackets for wall or for hanging under flat-panel VESA mount - matte black (VIS
SB-1900P RCPN: SB-1900P RCAdd to Basket14.12€TTC
VISION Spare SB-1800P Remote Control - Battery CR2025 3V Li-Mn (not included) (VISION Remote for SB-1900P)
SB-900PPN: SB-900PAdd to Basket82.86€TTC
VISION Professional Active Soundbar - 2 x 27w (Peak) / 2 x 15w (RMS) - Bluetooth - minijack input - Brackets for mounting to wall or for hanging under flat-panel VESA mount - gloss black (VISION 2x15w Active Soundbar w/BT)
SP-1800PN: SP-1800Add to Basket114.37€TTC
VISION Professional Pair 5.25" Wall Speakers - 50 Watt power handling - 3-way with Bass reflex - horizontal C brackets included - white (VISION 5.25" Pair White Wall Speakers)
SP-1800BPN: SP-1800BAdd to Basket115.10€TTC
Vision SP-1800 - Haut-parleurs - pour système d'assistant personnel - 50 Watt - tridirectionnel - noir (VISION SP-1800 Pair Wall Speakers Black)
SP-1800P RCPN: SP-1800P RCAdd to Basket14.42€TTC
VISION Spare SP-1800PBT Remote Control - Battery: CR2025 3V Li-Mn (not included) - shares IR codes with SP-1200P, SP-1400P, SP-1800P, CS-1600P, CS-1800P, AV-1700, AV-1800, TC2-AMP3, TC2-AMP4, TC3-AMP (VISION Remote for SP-1800P)


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