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ToshibaHere is the list of Toshiba genuine parts, new and guaranteed from Toshiba.
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Toshiba (380 items)
pa3377E-2ACAPN: pa3377E-2ACAAdd to Basket89.99€TTC
Toshiba Laptop AC/DC Adaptor Toshiba PA3377E-2ACA
PA3716E-1AC3+PX1176E-2NACPN: PA3716E-1AC3+PX1176E-2NACAdd to Basket85.31€TTC
K/AC Adaptor Universal 19V 3-pin+CORDO
PA3727U-1BRSPN: PA3727U-1BRSAdd to Basket187.96€TTC
Laptop Battery , Li-ion, 9000 mAh, 10.8v, 12 Cell, Toshiba PA3727U-1BRS
PA3743E-1AC3+CABLEPN: PA3743E-1AC3+CABLEAdd to Basket62.42€TTC
K/Adapte 19V DV 1.58A 30W 3-Pinblack+cab
PA3817U-1BRSPN: PA3817U-1BRSAdd to Basket99.23€TTC
Laptop Battery Toshiba PA3817U-1BRS
PA3927E-3PRPPN: PA3927E-3PRPAdd to Basket177.04€TTC
Toshiba Dynadock U3.0 Universal USB 3.0 Docking Station - Station d'accueil - USB - DVI, HDMI - GigE - pour Portégé A30, X20, X30, Satellite Pro A30, A40, A50, R40, R50, Tecra A40, A50, X40, Z50 (Dynadock U3.0 - USB 3.0)
PA5034E-1AC3+1220651PN: PA5034E-1AC3+1220651Add to Basket85.31€TTC
K/Power Supply/75W 19V 3pin
PA5037U-1M2GPN: PA5037U-1M2GAdd to Basket56.16€TTC
Toshiba - DDR3 - 2 Go - SO DIMM 204 broches - 1600 MHz / PC3-12800 - mémoire sans tampon - non ECC - pour Portégé R930, R935, Satellite C50, C55, C855, C875, L50, L55, L75, P75, S55, S75 (2 GB Memory Module DDR3 1600MHz)
PA5037U-1M4GPN: PA5037U-1M4GAdd to Basket78.88€TTC
Toshiba - DDR3 - 4 Go - SO DIMM 204 broches - 1600 MHz / PC3-12800 - mémoire sans tampon - non ECC - pour Portégé R930, Z930, Satellite C50, C55, C850, C855, C875, L75, P75, S55, S75, Tecra R950 (4 GB Memory Module DDR3 1600MHz)
PA5043U-1BRSPN: PA5043U-1BRSAdd to Basket159.01€TTC
Toshiba Battery Pack - Batterie de portable - 1 x Lithium Ion 6 cellules 6140 mAh - noir - pour Portégé R830, R830 3G/SSD-13, R830 3G-14, R930, Satellite R830, R930, Tecra R940 (Battery Li-ion 6 Cell 6140mAh)
PA5084E-1AC3+PX1849E-1NACPN: PA5084E-1AC3+PX1849E-1NACAdd to Basket97.50€TTC
K/Univ ACadapt 180w 3pin+Eurcable 3 pin
PA5104U-2M4GPN: PA5104U-2M4GAdd to Basket102.96€TTC
Toshiba - DDR3L - 4 Go - SO DIMM 204 broches - 1600 MHz / PC3L-12800 - 1.35 V - mémoire sans tampon - non ECC - pour Portégé A30, Z30, Satellite Pro A30, A40, A50, C50, R40, R50, Tecra A40, A50, Z40, Z50 (TOSHIBA MEMORIA 4Go DDR3/DDR3L)
PA5104U-2M8GPN: PA5104U-2M8GAdd to Basket163.79€TTC
RAM memory 8GB
PA5105E-1PRPPN: PA5105E-1PRPAdd to Basket116.57€TTC
Toshiba Mobile Tablet Cradle - Station d'accueil - HDMI - GB - pour Portégé Z10, Z10T, Toshiba WT310 (Toshiba Mobile Tablet Cradle)
PA5109U-1BRSPN: PA5109U-1BRSAdd to Basket102.95€TTC
Toshiba Battery Pack - Batterie de portable - 1 x Lithium Ion 6 cellules 4400 mAh - noir - pour Toshiba C40, Qosmio X70, Satellite C50, C70, L70, P70, Satellite Pro C40, C70, Tecra A50 (BATTERY-LI-ION 4400MAH-6 CELL)


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