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SupermicroHere is the list of Supermicro genuine parts, new and guaranteed from Supermicro.
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8600196879PN: 8600196879Add to Basket797.60€TTC
AOC-SAS2LP-MV8PN: AOC-SAS2LP-MV8Add to Basket136.94€TTC
Supermicro Add-on Card AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 - Contrôleur de stockage - 8 Canal - SAS 2 profil bas - 600 Mo/s - RAID JBOD - PCIe 2.0 x8 (AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 w/CDR and Air Shroud)
AS-1012A-MRFPN: AS-1012A-MRFAdd to Basket439.93€TTC
Supermicro A+ Server 1012A-MRF - Serveur - Montable sur rack - 1U - 1 voie - RAM 0 Go - aucun disque dur - G200eW - GigE - Aucun SE fourni - moniteur : aucun (H8SML-iF 512L-200B)
AS-1013S-MTRPN: AS-1013S-MTRAdd to Basket1,177.78€TTC
Supermicro A+ Server 1013S-MTR - Serveur - Montable sur rack - 1U - 1 voie - RAM 0 Go - SATA - hot-swap 3.5" - aucun disque dur - AST2500 - GigE - Aucun SE fourni - moniteur : aucun (H11SSL-I-P 813MFTS-R407CBP)
AS-1042G-LTFPN: AS-1042G-LTFAdd to Basket1,725.66€TTC
Supermicro A+ Server 1042G-LTF - Serveur - Montable sur rack - 1U - à 4 voies - RAM 0 Go - SATA - hot-swap 3.5" - aucun disque dur - MGA G200eW - GigE - Aucun SE fourni - moniteur : aucun (H8QGL-iF+818TQ-1400B)
BPN-SAS3-847EL1PN: BPN-SAS3-847EL1Add to Basket655.81€TTC
Supermicro BPN-SAS3-847EL1 - Carte SATA3/SAS3 serveur à 20 ports - 4U - pour SC847 E1C-R1K28JBOD, SuperServer 6048R-E1CR36H, 6048R-E1CR36L (Bpn-SAS3-846EL1 SAS Sngl Exp Bckpln)
CBL-0080LPN: CBL-0080LAdd to Basket13.90€TTC
Supermicro CBL-0080L - Adaptateur secteur - alimentation interne 4 plots (M) pour alimentation SATA (M) - pour P/N: CSE-502-200B, CSE-503-200B (SATA Power Adapt Cab 6 Pb Free)
CBL-0234LPN: CBL-0234LAdd to Basket14.68€TTC
Y Cab For 4-Pin HDD
CBL-0296LPN: CBL-0296LAdd to Basket13.10€TTC
Supermicro CBL-0296L - Câble d'alimentation de ventilateur - alimentation interne 4 plots (M) pour alimentation interne 4 plots (F) - 22.9 cm - pour SuperServer 1015B-3B, 1025C-3B (9 4 Pin Fan Pws Extension Cord Pbf)
CBL-0315LPN: CBL-0315LAdd to Basket12.80€TTC
Supermicro - Câble SATA - SATA pour SATA - 35 cm - verrouillé, plat, connecteur droite - pour SuperServer 6016, 6016GT (35cm SATA Flat S-S w/Latch PBF)
CSE-216BE2C-R741JBODPN: CSE-216BE2C-R741JBODAdd to Basket2,027.26€TTC
Supermicro SC216 BE2C-R741JBOD - Rack-montable - 2U - SATA/SAS - hot-swap 740 Watt - noir (2U SC216B 24 Drive JBOD w/Dual Exp 740W)
CSE-216BE2C-R920WBPN: CSE-216BE2C-R920WBAdd to Basket1,776.06€TTC
Supermicro SC216 BE2C-R920WB - Rack-montable - 2U - Extended ATX améliorée - SATA/SAS - hot-swap 920 Watt - noir (Black 2U SC216B SAS3 WIO w/2 Exp 920W)
CSE-523L-410BPN: CSE-523L-410BAdd to Basket336.62€TTC
Supermicro SC523 L-410B - Rack-montable - 2U - ATX 410 Watt - noir (SuperChassis 523L-410B 2U ATX 2x3.5")
CSE-743TQ-1200B-SQPN: CSE-743TQ-1200B-SQAdd to Basket545.52€TTC
Supermicro SC743 TQ-1200B-SQ - Tour - 4U - ATX étendu - SATA/SAS 1200 Watt - noir - USB (SuperChassis 743TQ-1200B-SQ 8x3.5" 4U)
CSE-826BE2C-R741JBODPN: CSE-826BE2C-R741JBODAdd to Basket1,656.28€TTC
Supermicro SC826 BE2C-R741JBOD - Rack-montable - 2U - SATA/SAS - hot-swap 740 Watt - noir (2U SC826B 12 Drive JBOD w/Dual Exp 740W)


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