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SennheiserHere is the list of Sennheiser genuine parts, new and guaranteed from Sennheiser.
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005354PN: 005354Add to Basket109.46€TTC
Sennheiser SH 330 - Micro-casque - sur-oreille - filaire - Quick Disconnect - argent (sh 330 micro headset monoaural)
005356PN: 005356Add to Basket141.54€TTC
Sennheiser SH 350 - Micro-casque - sur-oreille - filaire (sh 350 microheadset l n.c.)
005358PN: 005358Add to Basket143.96€TTC
Sennheiser CC 520 - Micro-casque - sur-oreille - filaire - Easy Disconnect (cc 520 microheadset binaural)
005360PN: 005360Add to Basket159.11€TTC
Sennheiser CC 540 - Micro-casque - sur-oreille - filaire (cc 540 heaset binaural ultra n.c.)
005361PN: 005361Add to Basket167.88€TTC
Sennheiser CC 550 - Micro-casque - pleine taille - filaire (cc 550 headset binaural xxl)
005362PN: 005362Add to Basket28.24€TTC
Sennheiser CSTD 01 - Câble pour casque micro - EasyDisconnect (Easy Disconnect the connector Interface)
005363PN: 005363Add to Basket27.80€TTC
Sennheiser CSTD 24 - Câble pour casque micro - EasyDisconnect (cstd 24 cable c/phone direct entry)
005364PN: 005364Add to Basket27.80€TTC
Sennheiser CSTD 17 - Câble pour casque micro - EasyDisconnect (CSTD 17 Cable w/direct entry phone)
005365PN: 005365Add to Basket28.76€TTC
Sennheiser CSTD 08 - Câble pour casque micro - EasyDisconnect pour RJ-9 (M) - bobiné - pour SC 230, 260, SH 330, 330 IP, 350, 350 IP (EasyDisconnect to Modular Plug RJ 9)
009882PN: 009882Add to Basket36.85€TTC
Sennheiser UI 710 Passive Universal Interface - Commutateur combiné/casque (ui 710 interface pasivo miniatura)
009887PN: 009887Add to Basket23.95€TTC
Sennheiser CCEL 191 - Câble pour casque micro - jack micro (M) pour EasyDisconnect (M) - 20 cm (CCEL191.EasyDisconnect cable jack plug)
009907PN: 009907Add to Basket36.85€TTC
Sennheiser CEDPC 1 - Câble pour casque micro - jack mini (M) pour EasyDisconnect (M) (CEDPC1-EasyDisconnect to two 3.5mm jack)
091540PN: 091540Add to Basket12.91€TTC
Sennheiser PS 01 - Bonnette anti-vent (ps 01 microphone windscreen)
092818PN: 092818Add to Basket34.27€TTC
Sennheiser CB 01 - Housse pour casque micro - pour CC 510, 513, 515, 520, 530, 540, 550, SH 300, 310, 320, 330, 333, 335, 340, 350 (CB01.carrybag)
092821PN: 092821Add to Basket31.68€TTC
Sennheiser HPH 02 - Protections - blanc (pack de 50) (HPH 02 hygienic charlottes)


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