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QuantaHere is the list of Quanta genuine parts, new and guaranteed from Quanta.
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11MBZZZ038BPN: 11MBZZZ038BAdd to Basket656.65€TTC
QCT - Plateau de carte mère - FRU (Part MB w/Tray w/o CPU w/AST2400 FRU 2.5)
11MBZZZ044MPN: 11MBZZZ044MAdd to Basket550.49€TTC
QCT - Carte-mère - 2 CPU pris en charge (Part MB w/o CPU Assy Single Pack)
11MBZZZ044NPN: 11MBZZZ044NAdd to Basket520.86€TTC
QCT - Carte-mère (Part MB w/o CPU Assy w/L350MHD Single)
11MBZZZ044PPN: 11MBZZZ044PAdd to Basket515.93€TTC
QCT MB w/o CPU Assy w/L350MHD Bulkpack - Carte-mère (Part MB w/o CPU Assy w/L350MHD Bulkpack)
11MBZZZ045UPN: 11MBZZZ045UAdd to Basket483.83€TTC
QCT MB w/o CPU Assy w/o L350MHD Single - Carte-mère (Part MB w/o CPU Assy w/o L350MHD Single)
11MBZZZ045VPN: 11MBZZZ045VAdd to Basket481.37€TTC
QCT MB w/o CPU Assy w/o L350MHD Bulk - Carte-mère (Part MB w/o CPU Assy w/o L350MHD BulkPk)
11MBZZZ053MPN: 11MBZZZ053MAdd to Basket333.16€TTC
QCT MB w/o CPU PCIe M2/I210 LAN - Carte-mère (Part MB w/o CPU PCIe M2/I210 LAN 1in1)
11MBZZZ053NPN: 11MBZZZ053NAdd to Basket333.16€TTC
QCT MB w/o CPU SATA M2/I210 LAN - Carte-mère (Part MB w/o CPU SATA M2/I210 LAN 1in1)
1BTMZZZ010BPN: 1BTMZZZ010BAdd to Basket232.60€TTC
QCT D51P IBBU09 for QS 2208 - Rechange (Part Batt Pack w/Cable 2208 1U 10in1)
1HY7ZZZ072EPN: 1HY7ZZZ072EAdd to Basket29.23€TTC
QCT - Factice s/p - FRU (Part Power Metal Dummy S/P)
1HY7ZZZ075FPN: 1HY7ZZZ075FAdd to Basket101.32€TTC
QCT - Kit de rails pour armoire (Part Rail Kit Toolless Bulkpack L&R)
1HY7ZZZ075SPN: 1HY7ZZZ075SAdd to Basket33.12€TTC
QCT TPM 1.2 Module - Puce de sécurité matérielle - FRU (Part TPM/B Assy St33Z Sp)
1HY7ZZZ0775PN: 1HY7ZZZ0775Add to Basket103.98€TTC
QCT Tooless Rail 3A61-711 Bulkpack L&R - Rechange (Part Tooless Rail 3A61-711 Bulkpack L&R)
1HY7ZZZ085YPN: 1HY7ZZZ085YAdd to Basket346.61€TTC
QCT - Ensemble rail latéral avec CMA (Part Slide Rail w/CMA Assy)
1HY7ZZZ098KPN: 1HY7ZZZ098KAdd to Basket31.84€TTC
QCT - Câble d'alimentation - tripolaire - CA 250 V - 2 m - noir - sur site (Part L04B Pwr Crd 2M 3P 250V Ul Bk FRU)


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