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OKIHere is the list of OKI genuine parts, new and guaranteed from OKI.
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01308901PN: 01308901Add to Basket702.24€TTC
OKI Microline 5591eco - Imprimante - monochrome - matricielle - A3 - 360 dpi - 24 pin - jusqu'à 473 car/sec - parallèle, USB (Microline 5591ECO-EURO)
01314101PN: 01314101Add to Basket191.64€TTC
OKI - Meuble pour imprimante - pour OKI MC351, MC352, MC361, MC362, MC363, MC561, MC562, C33X, 51X, 53X, ES 3452, 54XX (Cabinet f C3X0/331/5XX/MC3X1/3X2/561/562)
01321101PN: 01321101Add to Basket266.94€TTC
OKI - Meuble pour imprimante - pour OKI Pro8432, C813, 822, 823, 831, 833, 841, 843, ES 8433, 8441 (Cabinet C822/C831/C841 series)
09002303PN: 09002303Add to Basket11.04€TTC
Oki - ruban d`impression - 1 x noir - 3 millions de caracteres (Ribbon/black 9pin 1000sh f 100-300)
09002308PN: 09002308Add to Basket55.61€TTC
Ruban noir pour ML 3410 (Ribbon/black f ML3410)
09002309PN: 09002309Add to Basket24.85€TTC
OKI - 1 - noir - ruban d'impression - pour Microline 3390, 3391, 380, 385, 390, 390 Elite, 391 (Ribbon/black 24pin 1000sh f 3xx)
09002310PN: 09002310Add to Basket25.74€TTC
OKI - 1 - noir - ruban d'impression - pour Microline 320 FB, 390 FB (Ribbon/black f ML390FB 320FB)
09002311PN: 09002311Add to Basket50.41€TTC
OKI - 1 - noir - ruban d'impression - pour Microline 393, 395, 395B, 395C (Ribbon/black 2500sh f 393-395)
09002312PN: 09002312Add to Basket40.09€TTC
OKI - 1 - couleur (cyan, magenta, jaune, noir) - ruban d'impression (couleur) - pour Microline 395B, 395C (Ribbon/3c f ML393C 395C)
09002315PN: 09002315Add to Basket28.91€TTC
Oki - ruban d`impression - 1 x noir - 200 millions de caracteres (Ribbon/black 2000sh f 520-521)
09002316PN: 09002316Add to Basket28.91€TTC
Oki - ruban d`impression - 1 x noir - 4 millions de caracteres (Ribbon/Black f ML590 591)
09002332PN: 09002332Add to Basket43.58€TTC
Oki - support rouleau papier (Paper Roll Support f 3320-3390-520-590)
09002334PN: 09002334Add to Basket38.90€TTC
Oki - support rouleau papier (RPS182 280/Rollholder ML1xx ML280)
09002351PN: 09002351Add to Basket51.98€TTC
Oki - adaptateur serie - rs-232 (RS232 SS/IF f ML300 500 3300 5500 serie)
09002356PN: 09002356Add to Basket76.10€TTC
Oki - adaptateur serie - serie (IF/RS422A f ML 300 3300 385 500 serie)


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