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NECHere is the list of NEC genuine parts, new and guaranteed from NEC.
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NEC's Not Ranked (1,457 items)
01160187-PN: 01160187-Add to Basket649.24€TTC
Projector Lamp
098GR8BD8NENEF-PN: 098GR8BD8NENEF-Add to Basket145.32€TTC
098GRABD1NENDS-PN: 098GRABD1NENDS-Add to Basket156.74€TTC
Remote Commander RU-M117
100000181PN: 100000181Add to Basket13.82€TTC
Power Cord (UK) LCD black (Power Cord UK LCD black)
100012201PN: 100012201Add to Basket140.00€TTC
NEC ST-5220 - Pied pour TV LCD - pour MultiSync LCD5220, LCD5220-AV, LCD5220-AVT, LCD5220-IT, LCD5220-TMX4, LCD5220-TVX (Tablestand X551UN X552S P552 P553 V551)
100012205PN: 100012205Add to Basket77.20€TTC
NEC - Support pour moniteur - pour MultiSync LCD4620, LCD4620-AV, LCD4620-BK-AV, LCD4620-BK-IT, LCD4620-TMX4 (Tablestand f P461 X461HB X461UN)
100012311PN: 100012311Add to Basket185.96€TTC
NEC DVI Daisy Chain - Carte pour écran Daisy Chain - pour NEC X462, MULTEOS M461, M521, MultiSync LCD4620, P401, P461, P521, P551, P701, X431, X462 (DVI Out board for Pxx Multeos X461xx)
100012432PN: 100012432Add to Basket101.45€TTC
NEC NP01UCM - Montage sur plafond pour projecteur - blanc, argenté(e) - ceiling mountable - pour NEC NP400, NP500, NP600, VT595, VT695 (Univ Ceiling Mount NP01UCM 250mm/7kg max)
100012475PN: 100012475Add to Basket225.19€TTC
NEC - Composant de montage - wall-mountable (pack de 4) - pour MultiSync X461UN (Wall Mount f X461UN 1 Monitor landscape)
100012478PN: 100012478Add to Basket439.45€TTC
NEC - Encadrement - pour MultiSync X461UN, X461UN Video Wall (2x2 screen) (KT-46UN-OF/OVERFRAME f NEC X461UN)
100012663PN: 100012663Add to Basket192.96€TTC
NEC SP-RM1 - Haut-parleurs - pour MULTEOS M521, MultiSync P701, P701-AVT (Speakers f V421/V461 SP-RM1)
100012665PN: 100012665Add to Basket66.17€TTC
NEC - Support pour moniteur - 32"-52" - pour MULTEOS M521, MultiSync V321 DST, V421 (WS32"-52"P/Wallmount Portrait 32"-55")
100012666PN: 100012666Add to Basket66.30€TTC
NEC WS32-52L - Montage mural pour Écran LCD - Taille d'écran : 32"-52" - pour MULTEOS M521, MultiSync V321 DST, V421 (PDW S 32-55 L/Wallmount 32"-55")
100012730PN: 100012730Add to Basket365.71€TTC
NEC - Composant de montage pour Écran LCD - wall-mountable - pour NEC X551UN, MultiSync X461UNV, X462UN, X551UN (WM-CHIEF Front Serviceable)
100012784PN: 100012784Add to Basket271.13€TTC
NEC Video Wall Mount EasyFrame WM-55UN-L - Montage mural pour écran plasma / LCD - Taille d'écran : 55" - pour NEC X551UN, MultiSync X551UN (PDVWXUN 55 L/Videowall mount f 55"XUN/S)


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