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MicrosoftHere is the list of Microsoft genuine parts, new and guaranteed from Microsoft.
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Microsoft's Not Ranked (399 items)
031C9E4748024248838E778FB1D2CCPN: 031C9E4748024248838E778FB1D2CCAdd to Basket25.03€TTC
Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium - Licence d'abonnement (1 mois) - 1 utilisateur (5 appareils) - hébergé - CSP (Office 365 Business Premium)
076-05797PN: 076-05797Add to Basket803.48€TTC
Microsoft Project Standard 2019 - Version boîte - 1 PC - sans support - Win - français (Msf Project Standard 2019 French)
07ECB16307304DBAA3C81C9BA2ED19PN: 07ECB16307304DBAA3C81C9BA2ED19Add to Basket10.92€TTC
S/Microsoft 365 GCC G3
112A528E870042F0876EF02705D506PN: 112A528E870042F0876EF02705D506Add to Basket10.92€TTC
S/Meeting Room w/o Audio Conf
1C410588DA3B4F88B38F707EB9DE46PN: 1C410588DA3B4F88B38F707EB9DE46Add to Basket10.92€TTC
S/Advanced eDiscovery Storage
228-11033PN: 228-11033Add to Basket3,689.87€TTC
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard - Version boîte - 1 serveur, 10 clients - DVD - Linux, Win - anglais (SQL Svr Std 2017 Ingl DVD 10 Clt)
2C883339EF9C4CCE81B8E5ADEA6079PN: 2C883339EF9C4CCE81B8E5ADEA6079Add to Basket10.92€TTC
S/Meeting Room
2WS-00002PN: 2WS-00002Add to Basket98.72€TTC
Microsoft Surface Dial - Curseur (palet) - sans fil - Bluetooth 4.0 - magnésium - commercial - pour Surface Book, Laptop, Pro 4, Studio (Surface Dial)
2YG-00343PN: 2YG-00343Add to Basket388.56€TTC
Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium Add-on CAL Suite - Licence - 5 licences d'accès client périphériques - OEM - 64-bit - français (OEM WinSBS PreAdSt 2011 64B FR 1pk 5Dev)
392F9987058342258338F3C015404CPN: 392F9987058342258338F3C015404CAdd to Basket10.92€TTC
S/MS Cloud App Security for Students-CPF
3J2-00012PN: 3J2-00012Add to Basket35.09€TTC
Microsoft Wired Desktop 600 for Business - Ensemble clavier et souris - USB - français - noir (Wired Dsktp600 ForBsnss USB FR)
3SQ-00002PN: 3SQ-00002Add to Basket140.59€TTC
Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard - Clavier - sans fil - Bluetooth 4.0 - français - gris alcantara - commercial (Ergnmc Kybrd Cmmr SC Bluetooth Fr)
3YJ-00004PN: 3YJ-00004Add to Basket102.17€TTC
Microsoft Surface Keyboard - Clavier - sans fil - Bluetooth 4.0 - français - gris - commercial (Keyboard Commer SC Bluetooth Fr)
3YR-00002PN: 3YR-00002Add to Basket56.33€TTC
Microsoft Surface Mouse - Souris - droitiers et gauchers - optique - sans fil - Bluetooth 4.0 - gris - commercial (Surface Mouse Bluetooth - GRAY)
43U-00004PN: 43U-00004Add to Basket37.31€TTC
Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse - Souris - droitiers et gauchers - optique - 3 boutons - sans fil - 2.4 GHz - récepteur sans fil USB - noir (Sculpt Mobile Mouse Win7/8 Black)


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