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MCL SamarHere is the list of MCL Samar genuine parts, new and guaranteed from MCL Samar.
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3XSPE-1000+MC373-2MPN: 3XSPE-1000+MC373-2MAdd to Basket150.43€TTC
K/3XSPE-1000+MC373-2M FREE
3XSPR-046+MC385-2MPN: 3XSPR-046+MC385-2MAdd to Basket171.50€TTC
K/3XSPR-046+MC385-2M FREE
8CD-RF-MPN: 8CD-RF-MAdd to Basket12.85€TTC
MCL Samar 8CD-RF-M - Adaptateur pour baie de stockage (Rail adaptateur métal 5.25''/3.5'')
8DD-8/PSPN: 8DD-8/PSAdd to Basket13.61€TTC
MCL Samar - Répartiteur d'alimentation de ventilateur - alimentation interne - 3 broches (F) pour alimentation interne - 3 broches (M) (Molex female to 2 x Molex male - 20cm)
8DD-USB2/IDESAPN: 8DD-USB2/IDESAAdd to Basket31.81€TTC
MCL Samar 8DD-USB2/IDESA - Boitier externe - ATA / SATA 1.5Gb/s - 150 Mo/s - USB 2.0 (External box COMBO USB.2 HD IDE/SATA)
8DD1-USB3PN: 8DD1-USB3Add to Basket38.00€TTC
MCL Samar 8DD1-USB3 - Boitier externe - 3.5" - SATA 3Gb/s - USB 3.0 (Boîtier externe 3.5'' Ext : USB 3.0 SATA)
8DM-RF-MPN: 8DM-RF-MAdd to Basket14.21€TTC
MCL Samar 8DM-RF-M - Adaptateur pour baie de stockage (RAIL FIXATION 2"1/2 SUR 3"1/2 METAL)
8DM1-USB3PN: 8DM1-USB3Add to Basket27.77€TTC
MCL Samar - Boitier externe - SATA 3Gb/s - 300 Mo/s - USB 3.0 (Boîtier externe 2.5 Ext USB 3.0 Int SATA)
8DM2-USB2SAPN: 8DM2-USB2SAAdd to Basket16.76€TTC
MCL Samar 8DM2-USB2SA - Boitier externe - 2.5" - SATA 1.5Gb/s - 150 Mo/s - USB 2.0 (External Box 2.5" USB2.0/int SATA)
8LE-71012PN: 8LE-71012Add to Basket16.21€TTC
MCL Samar - Câble pour verrouillage notebook - 1.8 m (Standard lock system for notebook- 1.80m)
8LE-71012UNIVPN: 8LE-71012UNIVAdd to Basket34.19€TTC
MCL Samar - Câble de sécurité - 1.8 m (Lock system for notebook -1.80m)
8LE-71013PN: 8LE-71013Add to Basket18.65€TTC
MCL Samar - Câble de sécurité - 1.8 m (Standard lock system for notebook 1.80M)
8LE-72006PN: 8LE-72006Add to Basket26.14€TTC
Mcl samar - cable de verrouillage (KIT SECUR CADENAS PLAQUE+CABLE)
8LE-J35PN: 8LE-J35Add to Basket32.45€TTC
MCL Samar - Câble de sécurité - 2 m (Security Lock for tablet by Jack 3.5mm)
8LE-KEY12PN: 8LE-KEY12Add to Basket14.98€TTC
MCL Samar - Clé principale de verrou de câble (Master key for 8LE-71012)


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