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LexmarkHere is the list of Lexmark genuine parts, new and guaranteed from Lexmark.
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12T0697PN: 12T0697Add to Basket22.31€TTC
Lexmark - Bac d'alimentation - pour Forms Printer 2480, 2481, 2490, 2491, 2580, 2581, 2590, 2591 (Mailbox/A4 1sh f 24xx)
12T0698PN: 12T0698Add to Basket67.01€TTC
Lexmark - Adaptateur série - RS-232 - pour Forms Printer 2480, 2481, 2490, 2491, 2580+, 2581+, 2590+, 2591, 2591+ (Serial Interface f 24xx)
1382150PN: 1382150Add to Basket506.18€TTC
Lexmark diamond fine - cartouche de toner - 1 x noir - 14000 pages (Toner/Black f Optra L-R 4039-10plus 4049)
1382625PN: 1382625Add to Basket410.65€TTC
Lexmark - Noir - originale - cartouche de toner - pour Optra S 12XX, S 16XX, S 1855, S 24XX, S 4059 (17.6K Print Cartridge high capacity)
1382925PN: 1382925Add to Basket342.05€TTC
Lexmark prebate - cartouche de toner - 1 x noir - 17600 pages (Toner/Black Prebate 17600pgs f Optra S)
13L0034PN: 13L0034Add to Basket66.31€TTC
Lexmark - ruban d`impression - 1 x noir - 15 millions de caracteres (Ribbon/black f 4227-Plus)
14F0000PN: 14F0000Add to Basket96.89€TTC
Lexmark 1284-B - Adaptateur parallèle - IEEE 1284 - pour Lexmark C746, C748, C792, C950, TS652, X746, X748, X792, X860dhe 4, X925, X950, X952, X954 (Parallel 1284-B Interface Card)
14F0037PN: 14F0037Add to Basket189.85€TTC
Lexmark MarkNet N8120 - Serveur d'impression - Gigabit Ethernet - pour Lexmark C746, C748, C792, C950, TS652, X746, X748, X792, X925, X925de 4, X950, X952, X954 (MarkNet N8120 Giga Ethernet Print Server)
14F0042PN: 14F0042Add to Basket538.28€TTC
Lexmark MarkNet N8130 - Serveur d'impression - 100Mb LAN - 10Base-FL, 100Base-FX - pour Lexmark C792, C950, TS652, X652de 7462, X792, X860dhe 4, X925, X925de 4, X950, X952, X954 (MarkNet N8130 Fiber Ethernet Print Serv)
14F0045PN: 14F0045Add to Basket436.50€TTC
Lexmark MarkNet N8150 - Serveur d'impression - 802.11b/g, 802.11n (draft) - pour Lexmark X860de 3, X860dhe 4, X862de 4, X862dte 3, X862dte 4, X864de 3, X864de 4, X864dhe 3 (PrintServer/802.11b/g/n Wireless f N8150)
14F0100PN: 14F0100Add to Basket96.77€TTC
Lexmark - Adaptateur série - RS-232 - pour Lexmark C746, C748, C792, C950, TS652, X746, X748, X792, X860dhe 4, X925, X950, X952, X954 (RS-232C Serial Interface Card)
14F0102PN: 14F0102Add to Basket599.82€TTC
Lexmark - Disque dur - interne - pour Lexmark C734, T650, T652, T654, TS652, W850, X464, X651, X652, X654, X736, XS651, XS654 (Hard Disk Drive for T65x)
14F0245PN: 14F0245Add to Basket663.24€TTC
Lexmark - Module mémoire flash - 256 Mo - pour Lexmark C746, C748, C950, ES460, TS652, X652de 7462, X746, X748, X860dhe 4, X950, X952 (Memory/256Mo Flash f X65x)
14L0198PN: 14L0198Add to Basket58.27€TTC
Lexmark Cartridge No. 200XLA - À rendement élevé - cyan - originale - cartouche d'encre LCCP - pour OfficeEdge Pro4000, Pro4000c, Pro5500, Pro5500t (200XLA Cyan High Yield Ink Cartridge)
14N1616EPN: 14N1616EAdd to Basket45.60€TTC
Lexmark Cartridge No. 150XL - À rendement élevé - magenta - originale - cartouche d'encre LCCP, LRP - pour Lexmark Pro715, Pro915, S315, S415, S515 (150XL Magenta HY RP Ink Cartridge)


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