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0A36304PN: 0A36304Add to Basket166.01€TTC
Lenovo ThinkPad Battery 28++ - Batterie de portable - 1 x Lithium Ion 9 cellules 8400 mAh - pour ThinkPad T430, T430i, T530, T530i, W530 (Battery/9-cell slice 28++for ThinkPad)
0A36306PN: 0A36306Add to Basket118.81€TTC
Lenovo ThinkPad Battery 44+ - Batterie de portable - 1 x Lithium lon 6 éléments 63 Wh - pour ThinkPad X220 (12.5", VGA + DisplayPort) type modèle : 4286, 4287, 4289, 4290, 4291, 4292, 4293 (Battery/6-cell 44+for ThinkPad)
40Y6999PN: 40Y6999Add to Basket139.96€TTC
Thinkpad Li-Ion Battery 4 Cell, Lenovo Thinkpad 40Y6999
40Y7003PN: 40Y7003Add to Basket198.88€TTC
High Capacity Battery for Lenovo ThinkPad X60 - 1 x Lithium Ion 8 cells 5200 mAh
40Y7625PN: 40Y7625Add to Basket117.32€TTC
Lenovo - Chargeur de batteries - pour ThinkPad Edge E12X, E130, E32X, E420, E43X, E52X, E53X, ThinkPad T420, X12X, X130 (Battery Charger/external for ThinkPad)
40Y7700PN: 40Y7700Add to Basket94.74€TTC
Lenovo ThinkPad 65W Ultraportable AC Adapter - Adaptateur secteur - CA 100-240 V - 65 Watt - pour Edge 15, ThinkPad Edge E43X, ThinkPad L520, L530, T420, T430, T530, ThinkPad Twist S230 (Adapter/AC 65W Ultraportable ThinkPad EU)
40Y8318PN: 40Y8318Add to Basket198.88€TTC
Lenovo - Batterie de portable - 1 x Lithium Ion 8 cellules 4550 mAh - pour ThinkPad X60 Tablet, X61 Tablet (Battery/Li-Ion 8-Cell ThinkPad X60 Tabl.)
41R4345PN: 41R4345Add to Basket31.78€TTC
Lenovo Dual Charging Cable - Répartiteur d'alimentation - pour ThinkPad Edge L330, ThinkPad L520, T420, X131e Chromebook, X20X, X20X Tablet, X220 (Cable/90W Dual Charging f AC/DC Adapter)
41U3196PN: 41U3196Add to Basket149.56€TTC
Lenovo - Batterie de portable (standard) - 1 x Lithium Ion 4 cellules 2600 mAh - pour 14"W Lenovo ThinkPad R400, R61, R61i, R61u, T400, T61, T61u (Battery/Li-Ion 4-Cell Standard 14" Wide)
41U3198PN: 41U3198Add to Basket77.39€TTC
Lenovo - Batterie de portable (renforcé) - 1 x Lithium Ion 6 cellules 5200 mAh - pour ThinkPad R400, R61 7732, 7733, 7734, 7735, 7736, T400, T61 1959, 6377, 6378, 6379, 6480 (Battery/Li-Ion 6-Cell Enhanced 14" Wide)
43R9257PN: 43R9257Add to Basket196.14€TTC
Lenovo - Batterie de portable - 1 x Lithium Ion 8 cellules 4600 mAh - pour ThinkPad X200 Tablet, X201 Tablet (Battery/Li-Ion-8-Cell for TP X200Tablet)
45K1275PN: 45K1275Add to Basket94.72€TTC
Lenovo - Batterie de portable - 1 x Lithium Ion 6 cellules 4800 mAh - noir - pour IdeaPad S10e, S9e (Battery/Li-Ion 6-Cell f IdeaPad S9e/S10e)
51J0497PN: 51J0497Add to Basket181.07€TTC
Lenovo - Batterie de portable - 1 x Lithium Ion 6 cellules 3900 mAh - pour ThinkPad T400s, T410s, T410si (Battery/Li-Ion 6-Cell f TP T400s)
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