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LaCieHere is the list of LaCie genuine parts, new and guaranteed from LaCie.
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LaCie (120 items)
2000363PN: 2000363Add to Basket27.91€TTC
LaCie - Adaptateur secteur - CA 110/220 V - 12.5 Watt - pour LaCie Core4, Brick Mobile, LaCinema Rugged, Petit Hard Disk, Starck Mobile Hard Drive (Power Adapter for mobile products - 5V/2)
301558PN: 301558Add to Basket117.55€TTC
LaCie Rugged Mini - Disque dur - 1 To - externe (portable) - USB 3.0 - 5400 tours/min (Rugged Mini/1To 2.5" USB 3.0)
301984PN: 301984Add to Basket182.77€TTC
USB3/FW 1TB LaCie Rugged trip.
591119PN: 591119Add to Basket22.03€TTC
LaCie Power Supply - Adaptateur secteur - 24 Watt - pour LaCie Desktop, LaCinema Classic HD Design by Neil Poulton, LaCinema Classic HD Bridge (Power Bloc WA-36A12GK-002 APD 12V/3A+WW)
710199PN: 710199Add to Basket28.31€TTC
LaCie - Adaptateur secteur (PSU/PowerAdapter 34W for D2 series)
710200PN: 710200Add to Basket28.31€TTC
LaCie Bigger Disk Power Supply - Adaptateur secteur (PSU/PowerAdapter 57W for BD/2Big)
712430PN: 712430Add to Basket47.10€TTC
Lacie 4big Quadra/5big Network Power Supply - Adaptateur secteur - pour 4big Quadra, 5big Network (PSU/PowerAdapter 4Big+5Big HDD)
714727PN: 714727Add to Basket27.91€TTC
LaCie Power Supply - Adaptateur secteur - 18 Watt - pour Little Big Disk (Power Supply Apd 12V/1.5A WA-18H12)
9000258EKPN: 9000258EKAdd to Basket216.35€TTC
LaCie d2 Quadra USB 3.0 - Disque dur - 4 To - externe (de bureau) - FireWire 800 / USB 3.0 / eSATA-300 - 7200 tours/min (d2 Quadra v3/4To 7.2K eSATA/FW800/USB2/3)
9000298PN: 9000298Add to Basket157.31€TTC
LaCie Rugged Mini - Disque dur - 2 To - externe (portable) - USB 3.0 (Rugged Mini 2TB/USB 3.0/2.5")
9000314PN: 9000314Add to Basket27.91€TTC
LaCie - Adaptateur secteur - 18 Watt - pour LaCie FireWire 800 ExpressCard 34, Little Big Disk (PSU/18W 12V/1.5A)
9000317PN: 9000317Add to Basket403.56€TTC
LaCie 2big Quadra - Baie de disques - 8 To - 2 Baies - HDD 4 To x 2 - FireWire 800, USB 3.0 (externe) (2big Quadra/8To 7.2K 2HS TB/FW800/USB3.0)
9000443PN: 9000443Add to Basket163.44€TTC
LaCie d2 - Disque dur - 4 To - externe (de bureau) - USB 3.0 - 7200 tours/min (4 TB/USB 3.0/7200RPM)
9000448PN: 9000448Add to Basket175.46€TTC
LaCie Rugged Triple - Disque dur - chiffré - 2 To - externe (portable) - FireWire 800 / USB 3.0 - AES 256 bits (Rugged Triple/2To 2.5" USB3/FW800 5.4K)
9000472EKPN: 9000472EKAdd to Basket508.73€TTC
6TB d2 Thunderbolt2 & USB 3.0


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