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KensingtonHere is the list of Kensington genuine parts, new and guaranteed from Kensington.
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Kensington (331 items)
1500109PN: 1500109Add to Basket23.45€TTC
Keyboard UK Layout 106keys USB Black
1500109FRPN: 1500109FRAdd to Basket21.05€TTC
Kensington ValuKeyboard - Clavier - USB - AZERTY - noir (Kensington ValuKeyboard Wired - France)
1500234PN: 1500234Add to Basket81.32€TTC
Kensington Contour Backpack - Sac à dos pour ordinateur portable - 16" (Contour Backpack 15.6")
1500297PN: 1500297Add to Basket626.75€TTC
Kensington TFT Saver - Câble de sécurité (pack de 25) (Kensington TFT Saver Single-keyed 25pk)
1901954PN: 1901954Add to Basket251.92€TTC
NOBO - Écran de projection avec support de bureau - 49 po (125 cm) - 4:3 (Portable Desktop screen NOBO/100x75cm)
1901955PN: 1901955Add to Basket437.63€TTC
NOBO - Écran de projection avec support de pose au sol - 59 po (150 cm) - 4:3 (Portable Screen/120x90cm)
1901956PN: 1901956Add to Basket466.82€TTC
NOBO - Écran de projection avec support de pose au sol - 79 po (200 cm) - 4:3 (Portable Screen/160x120cm)
1902396PN: 1902396Add to Basket123.61€TTC
NOBO - Écran de projection avec trépied - 83.5 po (212 cm) - 4:3 - Matte White (Tripod Screen 4:3 1750x1325)
1902397PN: 1902397Add to Basket160.96€TTC
NOBO - Écran de projection avec trépied - 95.7 po (243 cm) - 4:3 - Matte White (Tripod Screen 4:3 200x151cm)
22701PN: 22701Add to Basket28.96€TTC
Kensington Contour Gel - Repose-poignet pour clavier - noir (Keyboard wrist pillow/black)
33374EUPN: 33374EUAdd to Basket42.79€TTC
Kensington Si600 Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer - Télécommande de présentation - 4 boutons - RF (Wireless Presenter 2.4 Ghz red)
56152PN: 56152Add to Basket29.96€TTC
Kensington SoleSaver - Repose-pied (Solesaver Footrest/Adjustable)
56155EUPN: 56155EUAdd to Basket50.86€TTC
Kensington SoleMassage - Repose-pied (SoleMassage)
57711PN: 57711Add to Basket29.02€TTC
Kensington Sports Contour Gel Mouse Wrist Pad - Tapis de souris avec repose-poignets - noir (Mouse wrist rest/height adjustable/black)
60039PN: 60039Add to Basket46.45€TTC
Kensington flat panel monitor stand - support pour moniteur (Monitor stand/Flat panel)


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