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HPHere is the list of HP genuine parts, new and guaranteed from HP.
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HP (4,534 items)
108410571562?CONTRACTPN: 108410571562?CONTRACTAdd to Basket3,713.34€TTC
19762198?D1P34AV#ABF.PN: 19762198?D1P34AV#ABF.Add to Basket1,828.90€TTC
CS/HP Z230 Tower Workstation
19765537?J0D90AV#ABFPN: 19765537?J0D90AV#ABFAdd to Basket1,268.03€TTC
CS/HP IDS UMA i5-4310U 840 BNBPC
1AJ39AAPN: 1AJ39AAAdd to Basket52.06€TTC
HP Nano Lock
1AJ40AAPN: 1AJ40AAAdd to Basket58.01€TTC
HP Nano MK Lock
1AJ41AAPN: 1AJ41AAAdd to Basket67.28€TTC
HP Nano Dual Head - Câble de sécurité - pour Elite x2 1012 G2, Pro x2 612 G2 (HP Nano Dual Lock)
1AM57AA#ABBPN: 1AM57AA#ABBAdd to Basket48.58€TTC
HP 500 Spectre Ash BT Mouse - Bluetooth® 3.0, Windows® 7, 8, 10, Mac OS,Chrome OS (HP 500 Spectre Ash BT Mouse Europe)
1AM58AA#ABBPN: 1AM58AA#ABBAdd to Basket48.06€TTC
HP Spectre 500 - Souris - droitiers et gauchers - optique - sans fil - Bluetooth 3.0 - argent de brochet - pour OMEN by HP 15, 17, 880, OMEN X by HP 900, HP 15, 17, Envy 17, ENVY x360, Pavilion 570 (HP 500 Spectre Silver BT Mouse)
1AT98AA#ABBPN: 1AT98AA#ABBAdd to Basket30.55€TTC
HP Valentine Sleeve - Housse d'ordinateur portable - 15.6" - pour HP 15, ENVY x360 (HP 15.6 Valentine Sleeve Europe - Englis)
1AV70EA#ABFPN: 1AV70EA#ABFAdd to Basket767.41€TTC
HP Pavilion Desktop PC/570-p015nf/INTEL CORE I5-7400 /8GB/HDD 1To 7200RPM 3.5 /NVIDIA GTX 1050 2Go DDR5 //W10 (HP Pav/570-p015nf/I5/8GB/1TB/W10)
1AW47EA#ABFPN: 1AW47EA#ABFAdd to Basket2,172.96€TTC
HP ENVY Curved All-in-One PC/34-b002nf/INTEL CORE I7-7700T /8GB/SSD 256Go M.2 NVME + HDD 1To 7200RPM 2.5 /NVIDIA GTX 950M 4Go DDR5 / /W10 (HP ENVY AIO/34-b002nf/I7/8GB/256SSD/W10)
1BG94AA#ABBPN: 1BG94AA#ABBAdd to Basket52.09€TTC
HP Multi-port Hub - Station d'accueil - (USB-C) - EU - pour OMEN by HP 15, 17, 880, OMEN X by HP 900, Envy 17, Pavilion 570, Pavilion Power 580 (HP USB-C to Multi-Port Hub Europe)
1CA41AA#ABFPN: 1CA41AA#ABFAdd to Basket912.07€TTC
HP Mobile Thin Client mt20 - Celeron 3865U / 1.8 GHz - Win 10 Entreprise IOT 64 bits - 8 Go RAM - 128 Go SSD TLC, HP Value - 14" écran tactile 1366 x 768 (HD) - HD Graphics 610 - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth - kbd : français (HP mt20 3865U 14.0 8GB/128 PC)
1CA42AA#ABFPN: 1CA42AA#ABFAdd to Basket748.00€TTC
HP Mobile Thin Client mt20 - Celeron 3865U / 1.8 GHz - HP ThinPro with Smart Zero Core - 4 Go RAM - 128 Go SSD TLC - 14" écran tactile 1366 x 768 (HD) - HD Graphics - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth - kbd : français (HP mt20 3865U 14.0 4GB/128 PC ?)
1CA51AAPN: 1CA51AAAdd to Basket203.05€TTC
HP Turbo Drive G2 - Disque SSD - 256 Go - interne - M.2 2280 - PCI Express 3.0 x4 (NVMe) - pour EliteDesk 800 G3, EliteOne 1000 G1, ProDesk 400 G3 (mini bureau), 600 G3, ProOne 600 G2 (HP Turbo Drive Gen2 256Go m.2 SSD Drive)


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