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GigabyteHere is the list of Gigabyte genuine parts, new and guaranteed from Gigabyte.
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Gigabyte's Not Ranked (119 items)
25CFZ-150820-A4RPN: 25CFZ-150820-A4RAdd to Basket29.21€TTC
Nappe pour NVMe U2 SFF-8639 a Slim SAS SFF-8654 ref 25CFZ-150820-A4R (Cloth f NVMe U2 SFF-8639 Slim SAS)
27S00-A0130-S90SPN: 27S00-A0130-S90SAdd to Basket140.35€TTC
Gigabyte - Batterie de portable - 1 x Lithium Ion 4 cellules 4030 mAh (Battery Li-ion 4 cell P34GV2 4030mAh)
2Z202-12003-C31SPN: 2Z202-12003-C31SAdd to Basket55.48€TTC
Gigabyte - Adaptateur secteur - 120 Watt (Power Adapter 120W P15F/P17F)
2Z703-US341-E50SPN: 2Z703-US341-E50SAdd to Basket100.90€TTC
GIGABYTE Keyboard for P34W v5 Qwerty US
2Z703-US344-S10SPN: 2Z703-US344-S10SAdd to Basket100.43€TTC
GIGABYTE Keyboard for P34W v5 Qwerty US
2ZA51-17006-JE0SPN: 2ZA51-17006-JE0SAdd to Basket44.57€TTC
Sac à dos GIGABYTE (de 14" à 17.3") (Sac à dos GIGABYTE de 14 à 17.3")
A15-SA7FR0250WPN: A15-SA7FR0250WAdd to Basket1,998.56€TTC
15.6 FHD 144Hz /i7-9750H 6Cores /GTX 1660 Ti /8G *2 /512G SSD PCIe NVMe / /Win 10 HE (15.6 FHD 144Hz/i7-9750H 6Cores/GTX 166)
A15-WA7FR0252WPN: A15-WA7FR0252WAdd to Basket2,245.50€TTC
15.6 FHD 144Hz /i7-9750H 6Cores /RTX 2060 /8G *2 /512G SSD PCIe NVMe /2To HDD /Win 10 HE (15.6 FHD 144Hz/i7-9750H 6Cores/RTX 206)
A15-XA7FR5252WPN: A15-XA7FR5252WAdd to Basket2,438.33€TTC
15.6 FHD 240Hz /i7-9750H 6Cores /RTX 2070 /8G *2 /512G SSD PCIe NVMe /2To HDD /Win 10 HE (15.6 FHD 240Hz/i7-9750H 6Cores/RTX 207)
A15C-SA7FR0250PPN: A15C-SA7FR0250PAdd to Basket2,196.95€TTC
15.6 FHD 144Hz /i7-9750H 6Cores /GTX 1660Ti /8G *2 /512G SSD PCIe NVMe / /Win 10 Pro (15.6 FHD 144Hz/i7-9750H 6Cores/GTX 166)
A15C-WA7FR0250PPN: A15C-WA7FR0250PAdd to Basket2,341.22€TTC
15.6 FHD 144Hz /i7-9750H 6Cores /RTX 2060 /8G *2 /512G SSD PCIe NVMe / /Win 10 Pro (15.6 FHD 144Hz/i7-9750H 6Cores/RTX 206)
A15C-XA7FR5250PPN: A15C-XA7FR5250PAdd to Basket2,602.04€TTC
15.6 FHD 240Hz /i7-9750H 6Cores /RTX 2070Q /8G *2 /512G SSD PCIe NVMe / /Win 10 Pro (15.6 FHD 240Hz/i7-9750H 6Cores/RTX 207)
A15C-YA9FR4720PPN: A15C-YA9FR4720PAdd to Basket4,767.79€TTC
15.6 UHD /i9-9980HK 8Cores /RTX 2080Q Max-Q /32G *2 /2To SSD PCIe NVMe / /Win 10 Pro (15.6 UHD/i9-9980HK 8Cores/RTX 2080Q Ma)
AERO 15-X9-FR4410PPN: AERO 15-X9-FR4410PAdd to Basket2,884.79€TTC
Aero 15-X9-FR4410P Win 10 Pro
AORUS 15-X9-7FR0250WPN: AORUS 15-X9-7FR0250WAdd to Basket2,139.19€TTC
Aorus 15-X9-7FR0250W Win 10


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