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GP BatteriesHere is the list of GP Batteries genuine parts, new and guaranteed from GP Batteries.
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GP Batteries (62 items)
186 1-P 186PN: 186 1-P 186Add to Basket13.55€TTC
GP ALKALINE BUTTON CELL LR43 (Blister with 1 battery. 3V)
23A 1-P 23AEPN: 23A 1-P 23AEAdd to Basket13.72€TTC
High Voltage Alkaline 1-pack (Ultra, 12V)
27A 1-P 27APN: 27A 1-P 27AAdd to Basket13.91€TTC
HIGH VOLTAGE 27A (Blister with 1 battery. 12V)
2CR5 1-PPN: 2CR5 1-PAdd to Basket19.10€TTC
LITHIUM BATTERY 2CR5 (Blister with 1 battery. 6V)
405015PN: 405015Add to Basket46.08€TTC
PowerBank GO RC10A, Black (For Smartphones, tablets etc)
473064PN: 473064Add to Basket42.84€TTC
GP LIGHTNING SAFEGUARD RF 1.1 (Battery powered LED sens. lamp)
473065PN: 473065Add to Basket50.52€TTC
GP LIGHTNING SAFEGUARD RF 2.1 (Battery powered LED sens. lamp)
473066PN: 473066Add to Basket60.36€TTC
GP LIGHTNING SAFEGUARD RF 3.1 (Battery powered LED sens. lamp)
473067PN: 473067Add to Basket71.68€TTC
GP LIGHTNING SAFEGUARD RF 4.1 (Battery powered LED sens. lamp)
476A 1-P 476PN: 476A 1-P 476Add to Basket16.06€TTC
HIGH VOLTAGE 476A (Blister with 1 battery. 12V)
9V 1-P 15R8HBPN: 9V 1-P 15R8HBAdd to Basket20.00€TTC
RECYKO RECHARGABLE 9V/6F22 (1 battery. 8,4V - 150 mAh)
9V 1-P 1604AUPPN: 9V 1-P 1604AUPAdd to Basket14.80€TTC
ULTRA PLUS ALKALINE 9V (Blister with 1 battery. 9V)
A76 1-P 76APN: A76 1-P 76AAdd to Basket13.55€TTC
ALKALINE BUTTON CELL LR44 (Blister with 1 battery. 1,5V)
AA 10-P 15AUPPN: AA 10-P 15AUPAdd to Basket16.58€TTC
ULTRA PLUS ALKALINE AA/LR6 (Blister with 10 batteries 1,5V)
AA 16-P 15APN: AA 16-P 15AAdd to Basket17.86€TTC
SUPER ALKALINE AA/LR6 (Box with 16 batteries. 1,5V)


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