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Freecom (66 items)
22767PN: 22767Add to Basket43.46€TTC
Freecom - lecteur de disquette - externe - disquette - 1.44 mo - usb - noir (FDD/1.44Mo ext black USB)
32764PN: 32764Add to Basket21.46€TTC
CarryCase Mobile XXS
32765PN: 32765Add to Basket21.46€TTC
CarryCase Mobile XXS Brown Leather
33708PN: 33708Add to Basket47.88€TTC
Freecom Hard Drive Dock Pro - Station d'Accueil SATA & PATA (IDE) - 2.5" 3.5" - USB 2.0 - Sans cable PATA/IDE vers SATA (ref SAP 2022030) (Freecom Hard Drive Dock Pro 3.5''/2.5'')
34363PN: 34363Add to Basket21.46€TTC
Freecom Universal Hard Drive Sleeve - Sacoche de transport pour unité de stockage (Universal External HDD Sleeve)
34913PN: 34913Add to Basket104.20€TTC
Freecom Classic II - Disque dur - 1 To - externe (portable) - 2.5" - USB 2.0 - noir piano (HDD/1To Mobile drive classic II 2.5")
34944PN: 34944Add to Basket39.22€TTC
Freecom Data Recovery Service - Support technique - récupération des données - 3 années (Freecom Data Recovery Service/ADS FR)
35296PN: 35296Add to Basket66.04€TTC
Freecom Hard Drive Dock Quattro - Station d'accueil HDD - baies : 1 - 2.5", 3.5" - SATA 3Gb/s - 300 Mo/s - eSATA, FireWire 800, USB 2.0 (HardDriveDock Quattro 3.5/2.5 USB/FW/eSA)
35607PN: 35607Add to Basket82.14€TTC
Freecom Classic 3.0 - Disque dur - 500 Go - externe (portable) - 2.5" - USB 3.0 - noir piano (Freecom Mobile Drive Classic 3.0 500GB)
35610PN: 35610Add to Basket109.54€TTC
Freecom Mobile Drive Classic 3.0 Disque dur portable 1 To USB 3.0 noir (Freecom Mobile Drive Classic 3.0 1TB)
56005PN: 56005Add to Basket82.32€TTC
Freecom Mobile Drive XXS 3.0 Disque dur portable 500 Go USB 3.0 noir (HDD/Mobile Drive XXS 3.0 500Go USB 3.0)
56007PN: 56007Add to Basket109.16€TTC
Freecom XXS 3.0 - Disque dur - 1 To - externe (portable) - 2.5" - USB 3.0 - noir (HDD/Mobile Drive XXS 3.0 1To USB 3.0)
56056PN: 56056Add to Basket105.08€TTC
Mobile Drive XXS Leather 500GB (USB 3.0)
56057PN: 56057Add to Basket133.85€TTC
Freecom ToughDrive USB 3.0 - Disque dur - 1 To - externe (portable) - 2.5" - USB 3.0 - gris (Freecom ToughDrive 2.5" 1To USB 3.0)
56058PN: 56058Add to Basket100.24€TTC
Freecom ToughDrive USB 3.0 Disque dur portable 500 Go USB 3.0 gris (Freecom ToughDrive 2.5" 500Go USB 3.0)


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