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EmersonHere is the list of Emerson genuine parts, new and guaranteed from Emerson.
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002185050PN: 002185050Add to Basket40.45€TTC
Knürr Lobster Claw - Griffe pour agencement des câbles (pack de 10) - pour miracel Server Rack (10 Plastic Quick-Clamp for T-slot)
011020021PN: 011020021Add to Basket46.92€TTC
Etagère fixe 19'' pour Smaract (SHELF 19'' FIXED D435-485 FOR SMARACT)
011020028PN: 011020028Add to Basket46.81€TTC
ETAGERE FIXE 19'' d435-485 - ACCESSOIRES RACK SERVEUR SMARACT (Self 19'' Fixed d435-485)
011020041PN: 011020041Add to Basket58.61€TTC
Accessoires mécaniques 19"-rayon intermédiaire 19" fixe (Fixed Shelves)
011020728PN: 011020728Add to Basket65.48€TTC
Access méc. 19" rayon intermédiaire Quick Fix t565-740 (19"Shelf Fixed Quick-Fix t565-740)
011476409PN: 011476409Add to Basket32.21€TTC
Adapt fixation sur profilé 19" (Lot 4) (Fixation Adapted for 19" x 4)
021111809PN: 021111809Add to Basket209.45€TTC
Smaract Accessoires Unité de ventilation active avec thermostat (Ventilation Unit with Thermostat)
030270211PN: 030270211Add to Basket449.83€TTC
CoolBlast Thermal Management Unité de ventilation, vitesse réglée, AC (COOLBLAST 115/230V 3-FAN SPEED-CONTR SP)
033000111PN: 033000111Add to Basket53.62€TTC
DI-STRIP PDU, basic, 0U/1U, input Schuko 230V 16A, outputs (11)Schuko (DI-STRIP PDU basic in.Schuko 230V 11 out)
033000671PN: 033000671Add to Basket92.92€TTC
DI-STRIP PDU, basic, 0U/1U, input Schuko 230V 16A, outputs (17)Schuko (DI-STRIP PDU basic in.Schuko 230V 17 out)
033003081PN: 033003081Add to Basket54.44€TTC
PDU Basic 0U/1U, input IEC 60320 C14 230V 10A, outputs (8)Schuko (DI-STRIP PDU input C14 230V 10A out.8 S)
033004081PN: 033004081Add to Basket70.75€TTC
PDU Basic, input IEC 60320 C20 230V 16A, outputs (8)Schuko (DI-STRIP PDU input C20 230V 16A out.8 S)
033020101PN: 033020101Add to Basket63.60€TTC
DI-STRIP PDU, basic, 0U/1U, input Schuko 230V 16A, outputs (10)Schuko (DI-STRIP PDU basic in.Schuko 230V 10 out)
034000071PN: 034000071Add to Basket54.31€TTC
BASIC RACK PDU DI-STRIP 19'' 7 prises francaises en sortie avec câble d'alimentation (DI-STRIP Powerstrip 7 by 16A Fr outlets)
034000076PN: 034000076Add to Basket54.40€TTC
BASIC PDU 1U 19" 16A Sortie 7 prises FR - Remplacée par la référence 2078868. (BASIC PDU 1U 19" 16A 7 outputs FR)


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