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EmersonHere is the list of Emerson genuine parts, new and guaranteed from Emerson.
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4YSLV-ACS32PTPN: 4YSLV-ACS32PTAdd to Basket466.92€TTC
4 YR SLV HW Maintenance ACS32PT
GXT4-1000RT230EPN: GXT4-1000RT230EAdd to Basket567.00€TTC
Liebert GXT4-1000RT230E - Onduleur format TOUR et RACK 1000VA - CA 220/230/240 V - 900 Watt - 1000 VA 5 Ah - USB - 6 connecteurs de sortie - 2U (Liebert GXT4 1000VA 900W 230V Rack/Tow)
GXT4-1500RT230EPN: GXT4-1500RT230EAdd to Basket804.76€TTC
Liebert GXT4-1500RT230E - Onduleur format TOUR et RACK 1500VA - CA 220/230/240 V - 1350 Watt - 1500 VA 7.2 Ah - USB - 6 connecteurs de sortie - 2U (Liebert GXT4 1500VA 1350W 230V Rack/To)
GXT4-2000RT230EPN: GXT4-2000RT230EAdd to Basket993.89€TTC
Liebert GXT4-2000RT230E - Onduleur format TOUR et RACK - CA 220/230/240 V - 1800 Watt - 2000 VA 9 Ah - USB - 6 x C13 + 1 x C19 connecteurs de sortie - 2U (Liebert GXT4 2000VA 1800W 230V Rack/To)
GXT4-700RT230EPN: GXT4-700RT230EAdd to Basket492.07€TTC
Liebert GXT4 700VA - Onduleur format TOUR et RACK - CA 220/230/240 V - 630 Watt - 700 VA 5 Ah - USB - 6 connecteurs de sortie - 2U (Liebert GXT4 700VA 630W 230V Rack/Towe)
HMXLIC-100PN: HMXLIC-100Add to Basket5,030.83€TTC
Avocent HMX Advanced Manager - Licence - 100 n¿uds (HMX Advanced Manager 100 node lic)
HMXLIC-50PN: HMXLIC-50Add to Basket2,745.91€TTC
Avocent HMX Advanced Manager - Licence - 50 n¿uds (HMX Advanced Manager 50 node lic)
HMXLIC-UNLPN: HMXLIC-UNLAdd to Basket10,510.66€TTC
Avocent HMX Advanced Manager - Licence - n¿uds illimités (HMX Advanced Manager unlimited node lic)
Carte Ethernet WEB/SNMP pour GXT3/4 (Intellislot Web Card)
IS-WEBRT3PN: IS-WEBRT3Add to Basket189.71€TTC
Carte Ethernet SNMP pour PSI XR (SNMP Card f Liebert PSI3G UPS)
MLLKGPN: MLLKGAdd to Basket2,877.56€TTC
Kit Liebert Multilink Network Solution, 100 postes pour onduleurs Emerson (Liebert MultiLink Network Shutdown Lic K)
MLLNAPN: MLLNAAdd to Basket876.34€TTC
Kit Licence Administration de réseau for MultiLink Advanced (pour administration de plusieurs ASI connectées sur un même réseau Ethernet) (Liebert Mulitilink Netw Admin licence)
PF1YR-MU-00PN: PF1YR-MU-00Add to Basket29.96€TTC
Warranty Extension 1 year for Liebert PSP500MT3-230U (War Ext 1 year for Liebert PSP500MT3-230)
PF1YR-MU-01PN: PF1YR-MU-01Add to Basket36.55€TTC
Warranty Extension 1 year for Liebert PSA500MT3-230U, PSA650MT3-230U, and PSP650MT3-230U (War Ext 1yr f PSA500/650/PSP650)
PF1YR-MU-02PN: PF1YR-MU-02Add to Basket41.88€TTC
Warranty Extension 1 year for Liebert PS1000RT3-230XR UPS and PS1000RT3-230, GXT4-700RT230E, GXT4-1000RT230E (War Ext 1yr f PSI1000/GXT4 700/1000)


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