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321-BBTVPN: 321-BBTVAdd to Basket98.80€TTC
Dell - Kit de conversion "tour vers rack" - pour PowerEdge T330 (Tower to Rack Conversion Kit CK)
325-BBLMPN: 325-BBLMAdd to Basket43.52€TTC
Dell - Caisson de lunette système - avant - pour PowerEdge T330, T430 (Bezel PowerEdgeT430/T330 Cu)
325-BCHJPN: 325-BCHJAdd to Basket43.52€TTC
Dell - Standard - caisson de lunette système - 1U - pour EMC PowerEdge R640 (PowerEdge 1U Standard Bezel CK)
32671343+32671343BISPN: 32671343+32671343BISAdd to Basket1,497.32€TTC
K/Config PowerEdge R220+Rails
32671343?P2IAPN: 32671343?P2IAAdd to Basket1,495.97€TTC
Serveur DELL PE CTO R220 Montable sur Rack/ Châssis 2 x 3.5"/ Intel i3-4150 (3cores, 3.5Ghz) /4GB/DVD-R/ DD 500Gb SATA/PERC H310/ CL&SR/WIN SERVER Foundation/ 3A PS NBD (CS/Config PowerEdge R220/P2IA)
32671343?P2IA-BISPN: 32671343?P2IA-BISAdd to Basket12.40€TTC
Rails pour Serveur DELL PE CTO R220 Montable sur Rack (CS/Rail for Config PowerEdge R220/P2IA)
330-BBCMPN: 330-BBCMAdd to Basket32.94€TTC
Dell 2 - Carte fille - pour PowerEdge R630 (Dell R630 PCIe Riser for up to 2)
330-BBCNPN: 330-BBCNAdd to Basket55.19€TTC
Dell Internal Dual SD Module - Lecteur de carte (SD) - pour PowerEdge R330, R430, R530, R630, R730, R730xd, T330, T430, T630, Precision Tower 7910 (Dell Internal Dual SD ModuleCusKit)
330-BBELPN: 330-BBELAdd to Basket41.04€TTC
Dell iDRAC Port Card - Kit - Carte de supervision distante - pour PowerEdge T430 (Dell iDRAC Port Card T430 CusKit)
330-BBESPN: 330-BBESAdd to Basket36.82€TTC
Dell iDRAC Port Card - Carte de supervision distante - pour PowerEdge R430, R530 (iDRAC Port Card R430/R530 CusKit)
330-BBEXPN: 330-BBEXAdd to Basket33.64€TTC
R630 PCIe Riser for up to 1 x8 PCIe Slot
330-BBEYPN: 330-BBEYAdd to Basket48.76€TTC
Dell Riser Card Kit - Carte fille - pour PowerEdge R730, R730xd (Dell R730/xd PCIe Riser 1 Right 3 x8 P)
330-BBFZPN: 330-BBFZAdd to Basket37.52€TTC
Dell iDRAC Port Card - Carte de supervision distante - pour PowerEdge R230, R330 (iDRACPortCard Cu)
330-BBGFPN: 330-BBGFAdd to Basket66.67€TTC
Dell - Carte fille - pour PowerEdge R330 (PCIe Riser with Fan 1x16 PCIe Gen3 FH s)
330-BBJNPN: 330-BBJNAdd to Basket64.99€TTC
Dell - Carte fille - pour EMC PowerEdge R440 (Riser Config 3 2 x 16 LP Customer Kit)


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