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Chip PCHere is the list of Chip PC genuine parts, new and guaranteed from Chip PC.
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CLC02034PN: CLC02034Add to Basket48.73€TTC
Licence Xcalibur Global Client - permet de gérer les terminaux Chip PC via Xcalibur Global - Intégration des terminaux dans l'Active Directory et gestion par stratégies - Licence de base et nécessaire pour activer la gestion des terminaux Chip PC dans Xca
CLC02046PN: CLC02046Add to Basket116.81€TTC
Licence Chip PC-Xcalibur Full Client License (Licence Chip PC-Xcalibur Full Client Lic)
CLC02088PN: CLC02088Add to Basket504.13€TTC
Xcalibur Global - Licence - 1 serveur - Win (Xcalibur Global - Server License)
CLC02090PN: CLC02090Add to Basket73.30€TTC
Licence Xcalibur Global Domain Authenticator Client - permet d'activer une authentification Active Directory au démarrage des terminaux Chip PC et de pousser des stratégies spécifique en fonction - Option complémentaire à la licence de base Xcalibur Globa
CLC03082PN: CLC03082Add to Basket29.82€TTC
Resource Kit 2007This plug-in enables receiving new features and updates added during the Year 2007 at no additional cost (Li/Ressource kit 2007)
CLC04951PN: CLC04951Add to Basket48.73€TTC
Xcalibur Global - Licence - 1 client - Win (LI/Xcalibur Global - XP Client License)
CLC05625PN: CLC05625Add to Basket29.82€TTC
Xcalibur Global User Script License - Licence - 1 périphérique - Linux (User Script License)
CLC06346PN: CLC06346Add to Basket52.97€TTC
Xcalibur Global - W Client License (Li/Xcalibur Global-Client Lic. per dev)
CLC06479PN: CLC06479Add to Basket75.02€TTC
Ericom Terminal Emulation
CPN01487PN: CPN01487Add to Basket15.49€TTC
Convertisseur port USB vers 2 x PS2 (clavier/souris) - Adaptateur clavier/souris - USB à 4 broches, type A (M) - 2 x PS/2 6 broches (F) (USB to PS/2 ports adapter f Xtrem/Jack)
CPN02159PN: CPN02159Add to Basket21.64€TTC
Convertisseur DVI-I vers VGA - Compatible avec Xtreme PC 6600, Jack PC 2311, Jack PC 7900, EX PC XPD4741 (DVI/VGA adapter f NG and EFI w/DVI)
CPN02176PN: CPN02176Add to Basket41.10€TTC
Cable Y pour gestion double écran - DVI-I vers DVI-D et VGA (Dual-Display Y Cable DVI-I to DVI-D/VGA)
CPN02506PN: CPN02506Add to Basket30.71€TTC
Bloc d'alimentation EU, ROHS-Compliant, 100-240VAC, 5VDC, 2.0A, compatible Plug PC, Xtreme PC, Jack PC (Power Supply/Wall-Mount 100-240VAC 2.0A)
CPN03170PN: CPN03170Add to Basket1,313.04€TTC
End Customer Technical Training - cours et travaux pratiques - 1 jour - sur site (Chip PC End Cust OnSit Tech Train 1 day)
CPN03788PN: CPN03788Add to Basket17.04€TTC
CHIP PC - Câble d'alimentation par USB - Dual 1.80 m - Compatible à Xtrem PC, Jack PC, Plug PC (USB power cable 1.8m Dual)


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