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CamTraceHere is the list of CamTrace genuine parts, new and guaranteed from CamTrace.
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AL0004PN: AL0004Add to Basket97.80€TTC
Alim for chassis rack 1U box/light
AL0008PN: AL0008Add to Basket163.63€TTC
Alim for chassis rack 1U serveur
AL0009PN: AL0009Add to Basket370.84€TTC
supply dual power supply
CA1604PN: CA1604Add to Basket256.79€TTC
SOLO 4 caméras
CA1604-02PN: CA1604-02Add to Basket409.40€TTC
SOLO 4 cam avec disque 2TO
CA1604-04PN: CA1604-04Add to Basket505.56€TTC
SOLO 4 cam avec disque 4TO
CA1609PN: CA1609Add to Basket316.49€TTC
SOLO 9 cam
CA1609-02PN: CA1609-02Add to Basket464.75€TTC
SOLO 9 cam with disk 2TO
CA1609-04PN: CA1609-04Add to Basket560.90€TTC
CamTrace SOLO - Standalone NVR - 9 canaux - 1 x 4 To - en réseau (SOLO 9 caméras with disque 4TO)
CA1609-06PN: CA1609-06Add to Basket701.44€TTC
SOLO 9 caméras avec disque 6TO
CS1004PN: CS1004Add to Basket600.90€TTC
ATEN MasterView Pro Model CS1004 - Commutateur écran-clavier-souris/audio - 4 x KVM / audio - 1 utilisateur local - Montable sur rack (Visu station 4Station de visualisation)
CS1008PN: CS1008Add to Basket632.05€TTC
ATEN MasterView Pro Model CS1008 - Commutateur écran-clavier-souris/audio - 8 x KVM / audio - 1 utilisateur local - Montable sur rack (Visu station 8 Station de visualisation)
CS1016PN: CS1016Add to Basket729.94€TTC
ATEN MasterView Pro Model CS1016 - Commutateur écran-clavier-souris/audio - 16 x KVM / audio - 1 utilisateur local - Montable sur rack (Visu station 16 Station de visualisati)
CS1362BPN: CS1362BAdd to Basket902.15€TTC
CamTrace Light CS1362B - Serveur vidéo - rack-montable (CamTrace box 1U - no disk)
CS1362BMPN: CS1362BMAdd to Basket1,036.72€TTC
CamTrace Box - Serveur vidéo - 1U - rack-montable (CamTrace box 1U -sans disque- sans lic)


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