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BrotherHere is the list of Brother genuine parts, new and guaranteed from Brother.
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BU200CLPN: BU200CLAdd to Basket111.25€TTC
Brother BU-200CL - Kit de courroie d'impression - pour Brother DCP-9010, HL-3040, 3045, 3070, 3075, MFC-9010, 9120, 9125, 9320, 9325 (BU200CL Belt unit 50000sh LED)
BU220CLPN: BU220CLAdd to Basket106.74€TTC
Brother BU-220CL - Courroie de transfert de l'imprimante - pour Brother DCP-9015, 9017, 9020, HL-3140, 3142, 3150, 3152, 3170, 3172, 3180, MFC-9142, 9342 (BU-220CL Belt unit 50.000sh)
BU300CLPN: BU300CLAdd to Basket111.66€TTC
Brother BU-300CL - Kit de courroie d'impression - pour Brother DCP-9055, 9270, HL-4140, 4150, 4570, MFC-9460, 9465, 9560, 9970 (BU-300CL Belt Unit 50000 Pages HL4150)
BU320CLPN: BU320CLAdd to Basket106.27€TTC
Brother BU-320CL - Kit de courroie d'impression - pour Brother DCP-L8400, L8450, HL-L8250, L8350, L9200, L9300, MFC-L8600, L8650, L8850, L9550 (Belt for 50000sh HLL82x/83x/84x/92x/95x)
BU330CLPN: BU330CLAdd to Basket57.61€TTC
Brother BU-330CL - Kit de courroie d'impression - pour Brother DCP-L8410, HL-L8260, HL-L8360, HL-L9310, MFC-L8610, MFC-L8900, MFC-L9570 (BU330CL BELT F HL-L8X60+9310CDW-Series)
C211SPN: C211SAdd to Basket52.91€TTC
Brother - A6 (105 x 148 mm) 50 feuille(s) papier thermique - pour m-PRINT MW-260, MW-260A, MW-260W (Thermal Paper A6 20x50sh 105mm x 148mm)
CSA3001PN: CSA3001Add to Basket57.78€TTC
Brother - Poche de transfert - pour Brother ADS-2400, 2600, 2800, 3000, 3600, ImageCenter ADS-2000, 2400, 2800, 3000, 3600 (CS-A3001 Carrier Sheet)
CSA3301PN: CSA3301Add to Basket34.15€TTC
Brother CS-A3301 - Feuille de support de scanner - transparent (pack de 2) - pour Brother ADS-2200, ADS-2700W (CS-A3301 Carrier Sheet)
CSRE001PN: CSRE001Add to Basket36.00€TTC
Brother CS-RE001 - Feuilles de support pour reçus - pour Brother ADS-1100, ADS-1500, ADS-1600, ImageCenter ADS-1000, ADS-1100, ADS-1500, ADS-1600 (Receipt carrier sheet 5PK ADS1100/1600)
CZ1001PN: CZ1001Add to Basket27.61€TTC
Brother CZ-1001 - Rouleau (0,9 cm x 5 m) 1 rouleau(x) étiquettes continues - pour Brother VC-500W (Ribbon 9 mm for VC-500W)
CZ1002PN: CZ1002Add to Basket28.58€TTC
Brother CZ-1002 - Rouleau (1,2 cm x 5 m) 1 rouleau(x) étiquettes continues - pour Brother VC-500W (Ribbon 12 mm for VC-500W)
CZ1003PN: CZ1003Add to Basket33.44€TTC
Brother CZ-1003 - Rouleau (1,9 cm x 5 m) 1 rouleau(x) étiquettes continues - pour Brother VC-500W (Ribbon 19mm for VC-500W)
CZ1004PN: CZ1004Add to Basket37.33€TTC
Brother CZ-1004 - Rouleau (2,5 cm x 5 m) 1 rouleau(x) étiquettes continues - pour Brother VC-500W (Ribbon 25 mm for VC-500W)
CZ1005PN: CZ1005Add to Basket44.45€TTC
Brother CZ-1005 - Rouleau (5 cm x 5 m) 1 rouleau(x) étiquettes continues - pour Brother VC-500W (Ribbon 50 mm for VC-500W)
DCP1610WF1PN: DCP1610WF1Add to Basket140.00€TTC
Brother DCP-1610W - Imprimante multifonctions - Noir et blanc - laser - 215.9 x 300 mm (original) - A4/Legal (support) - jusqu'à 20 ppm (copie) - jusqu'à 20 ppm (impression) - 150 feuilles - USB 2.0, Wi-Fi(n) (DCP 1610W/NON 32Mo 20ppm A4)


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